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What You Don’t Know About Saundra Lattisaw, Stacy Lattisaw’s Mother


The former R&B singer is still remembered by many of her fans after leaving the music industry for some time now. Stacy Lattisaw was born to her mother, Saundra Lattisaw; her father’s name is unknown.

Stacy Lattisaw expresses how she had supportive parents but because they were not familiar with the music industry, those supposed to help her took advantage of her. Stacy Lattisaw is the only daughter of Saundra Lattisaw, but she has a younger brother.

Saundra Lattisaw’s Daughter

Stacy Lattisaw, the former R&B singer, is the daughter of Saundra Lattisaw. Stacy was born on November 25, 1966, and by the time she was thirteen, she had released several hits appearing in the top 40 and was signed to big records.

Her parents supported her, and they ensured she was homeschooled so that she would have enough time to focus on her career. Unfortunately, although it was good to grow her career, she revealed in her book that she never enjoyed her childhood because she was traveling all over, performing, and working on her career.

Is Stacy Lattisaw Married

Stacy Lattisaw is a family woman who has been married to her lifetime partner Kevin Jackson Sr. The dating history of the lovebirds is unknown, but probably, they exchanged vows in the 1990s.

The singer has remained married to her husband and is a proud mother and grandmother. She was blessed with two children, Kelvin Jr and Kayla Jackson, who followed in their mother’s footsteps.

Stacy Lattisaw’s son is a songwriter, while Kayla is inspired by her mother and wants to pursue a music career like her. Stacy Lattisaw had expressed how her managers took advantage of her when she was in the music industry. Still, she would ensure her daughter is better because she understands the industry.

Moreover, she doesn’t want her daughter to experience the same challenges she did growing up, which is why she ensures she enjoys her teenage years while pursuing her career.

Stacy Lattisaw’s husband is a Sound Engineer, and he helped her work on several songs. In late 2019, the family welcomed a new family member when Kelvin Jr and his wife welcomed their first child.

Stacy Lattisaw’s Net Worth

Stacy Lattisaw is a wealthy lady, and during her professional music career, she made a net worth of around $2 million. Most of her net worth was earned from her music career because of the several songs she had released.

Additionally, the former singer and her husband currently own a studio and use it o work with new artists. Besides her engagements in the music industry, she is an author and gospel artist.

Why Did Saundra Lattisaw’s Daughter Leave the Music Industry?

Stacy Lattisaw entered the music industry at a young age but left it many years ago after she revealed she was dealing with depression and loneliness. The singer achieved fame and wealth and made a name for herself, but nobody knew how depressed and lonely she was.

Stacy decided to leave everything she had built hard for her happiness, and now she credits her transformation and happy life to God.










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