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Get to Know Rya Singleton.


Rya Singleton is the daughter of Raynoma Mayberry Liles Gordy Singleton, an American producer, songwriter, and vocalist. Her father was Eddie Singleton, the third husband to her mother. She has a brother called William Edward Singleton Jr and two half-siblings. Eddie Singleton as a songwriter, wrote the songs Oo Papa Do and Play It Again; he died in 2008.

Rya is a recording artist, but some of her work has not been accessible to the public. She may have recorded songs, but the larger public does not know them. Given that she looks up to her later mother and stepbrother, Kerry Gordy, she has an ambition of becoming a top artist.

Personal Life and Education

Rya has kept details concerning her personal life from the public. No details have been revealed to the public regarding her relationship status. It is unclear if she is married and if she has any kids.

Regarding education status, given Rya’s family’s financial status, she must have gone to good schools. However, details on which institutions she attended and her highest education level have not been made public.

Her Mother

Rya Singleton’s mother started her music career in 1958; with her sister Alice they auditioned for Berry Gordy, but he didn’t love their singing. Raynoma asked Gordy to allow her to write and arrange music; years later, she became an important part of his operation.

Years later, with Berry Gordy’s help, she formed a vocal group; the group consisted of Brian  Holland, Robert Bateman, Raynoma, and Sonny Sanders, with Louvain Demps and Gwendolyn Murray joining sometime later.

Given the close relationship between Raynoma and Berry, they became intimate, and a child resulted from their relationship. They named him Kerry Gordy, who is also a songwriter and a producer. During her relationship with Berry, Raynoma advised him to start his record label, which is how Motown records began.

Berry started cheating on Rya’s mother, and they separated. Adding the pressure of the high cost of living to separation issues, Raynoma struggled financially to maintain her office and ended up infringing copyrights for a Motown single. With the money Berry had loaned Raynoma and Eddie Singleton, they started their record label, Shrine Records, but it was unsuccessful.

After the failure of Rya Singleton’s mother’s record label, she returned to Motown, and under the Super Three, they released several successful projects, including Somebody’s Watching Me, a Rockwell album. Rya’s mother died in 2016 due to brain cancer, aged 79.

Net Worth and Social Media

Rya Singleton is not active on social media platforms. No accounts affiliated with her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Despite being an artist, she seems to be a private person.

Even though Rya is an artist, her songs are not known to the public, so she has not made much from music; maybe she has a business to earn her living. Her net worth is unknown; on the other hand, her mother was in the music sector and was involved with one of the best African-American record labels, Motown; her net worth was seven hundred thousand dollars.

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