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Meet Sanaa Marie VanVleet, Fred VanVleet’s Daughter

Sanaa Marie VanVleet

Are you an NBA games fan? If so, I guess the name VanVleet is not new to you. Fred VanVleet is a recognized basketball player who drew the attention of his fans after he shared the good news of becoming a father to a beautiful daughter. The basketball player revealed his daughter’s name to be Sanaa Marie VanVleet and expressed how happy he was that he could not hide the good news from his fans.

After Sanaa Maria was born, Fred VanVleet tweeted and shared the good news with his fans. According to his tweet, he indicated how secretive he was, but becoming a father to a daughter was the best news, and he couldn’t hide from his fans. One month later, the player revealed the face of his adorable princess, and most of the fans congratulated the new father.

Who is Sanaa Marie VanVleet’s Mother?

Shontai Neal is the mother Sanaa Marie VanVleet. Shontai Neal and Fred VanVleet are not yet officially married, although they have been dating for more than ten years. Sanaa’s parents met when they were in high school, and they have remained inseparable since then. Fred VanVleet joined Wichita State University after high school, and Shontai Neal followed him there. Sanaa Marie’s parents met in 2010 and have continued to grow strong since then.

Is Sanaa Marie the Only Child?

Sanaa Marie is not the family’s only child because she has another sibling, two years younger than him. Sanaa’s brother was born on May 20, 2019, unlike the first time he did not hear the news of welcoming his son.

However, the player had posted a picture of his daughter that announced the possibility of another pregnancy. Sanaa wore a shirt written Best sister Ever, and some fans took that as an indication of another pregnancy.

Sanaa and her brother Fred VanVleet Jr, love spending their time together, enabling their bond to grow.

When Are Sanaa Marie VanVleet’s Parents Getting Married?

Sanaa Marie’s parents have been together since 2010 when they were in high school. Fred VanVleet popped the question of getting married, and his girlfriend accepted the engagement in February 2022. The lovebirds shared the good news on their social media pages, and Shontai would not hide how happy he was to marry his lifetime sweetheart and a best friend finally.

What is the Net Worth of Fred VanVleet

VanVleet’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million. VanVleet has been playing basketball since high school, and it is not surprising that he has achieved a net worth. VanVleet is signed with the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association.

After VanVleet finished high school, he got scholarships from reputable universities like Northern Illinois, Detroit, Wichita, and Kent State, but he chose Wichita. After VanVleet joined the university, he played successfully, helping his team win several games.

VanVleet signed a four-year contract with the Raptors worth $ 85 million and got the same amount as his salary.

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