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Hannah Belle Jackson’s Family, Career, and Education.

Hannah Belle Jackson

Hannah Belle Jackson is famous as the daughter of Kellie Shanygne Williams, an American actress. She was born on June 1, 2010. Her father is Hannibal Jackson, and she has a younger brother, John Ervin Jackson, who plays baseball.

Hannah Belle is an actress, model, and athlete. As an actress, she featured alongside her mother in the film, A Family Matters Christmas in November 2022. She also plays football at her school.

In matters of education, Hannah Belle Jackson goes to school. In one of her father’s Instagram posts, she is seen playing in a school team; he also mentions that she is an A-student.

Her Mother

Hannah Belle Jackson’s mother is mainly known for her role in the series Family Matters (1989-1998). In the television series, she played Laura Lee Winslow, one of the children of Carl and Harriette Winslow. Besides, Kellie was featured in the television show What About Joan. Her other acting roles came in the sitcom Moesha in The Parkers, where she played Michelle.

Hannah’s mother also reunited with Darius McCrary, a former Family Matters co-star, when she featured in two episodes of the sitcom Eve: Separate, But Unequal and Daughter Don’t Preach.

As a way of giving back to the community, Kellie Williams created a program in Washington, D.C, that would give children between ages 14 and 20 a chance to produce a television show that would air on Comcast Cable Local On-Demand. She intended to bring the program to everyone, even those who have not experienced the art.

When Kellie became a mother, she took a little break to be with her kids. At some point, Kellie thought she would bear children and then leave them to the house-help, but she later figured it was nice for her to instill the values she wanted in her kids.

Hannah Belle’s mother is still active in the acting industry, with her latest feature in the film, A Family Matters Christmas, which happened this November 2022, featuring alongside her daughter and former Family Matters co-stars.

How Hannah’s Parents Met

Hannah Jackson’s father recounts the events that lead him to meet Kellie. Hannibal had started becoming an active church attender, and his friends introduced him to Kellie. They became close friends and exchanged vows in September 2009 at the Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church, Fort Washington, Maryland.

Besides, the two seem happy in their marriage, and their love for each other keeps growing daily. They are blessed with two children who they deeply love.

Hannah Belle Jackson Net Worth

Despite featuring in her first paid show, it is too early to start asking how much Hannah is worth, but her parents are well-off. For instance, her father is a CEO of an IT company, and her mother has been acting since 1989.

Social media

Hannah Belle is on social media platforms, though her parents monitor her accounts. On Instagram, she uses the username @iamhannahbjackson; she has over 1.6k followers and has posted six times. Besides you can also view her pictures on her parents’ Instagram posts. For instance, her father uses the username @hannibal.s.jackson, has 2.5k followers, and likes posting pictures of his family.

Hannah’s mother has a large following on Instagram, with 192k followers, and often posts photos and videos of her daughter Hannah Belle Jackson.

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