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Know about Matt Hardy’s Mother, Ruby Moore Hard


Ruby Moore Hardy was Matt Hardy’s mother who is an American wrestling champion and known for his performance in WWE. Ruby Moore is known because of her children, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. Ruby was married to Gilbert Hardy and had two kids, Jeff and Matt Hardy, both of now successful wrestlers.

Ruby Moore Hardy Personal Life & Family

Ruby Moore Hardy was an American married to Gilbert who gave birth to Matt Hardy on 23rd September, 1974. Matt Hardy was a smart kid when in school in North Carolina and was a contender for the “Morehead Award,” a scholarship for universities in North Carolina.  Matt Hardy enrolled himself in an engineering programme at the University of North Carolina; however, after a year, he had to drop out due to his father’s illness.

Hardy played football, as a defender o along with playing baseball as a child and throughout high school.  He later completed his education at Pinehurst’s Sandhills Community College to obtain an associate’s degree. He entered the wrestling world in 1992 and since then has been an active wrestler, bagging various titles to his names. Amy Dumas, popularly known as Lita, a wrestler, and Hardy dated for six years. They first met during an NWA Mid-Atlantic event in January 1999, but they didn’t start courting until a few months later.

When he learned that she was having an affair with wrestler Adam Copeland, better known by his ring name Edge, who was one of Hardy’s close friends, they broke up in February 2005. On October 5, 2013, Hardy married Rebecca Reyes, best known by her ring name Reby Sky, together they have a daughter and three sons. Hardy, who once struggled with addiction, attributes his sobriety to his wife.

Ruby Moore Hardy, Cancer, Death and Aftermath

Ruby Moore Hardy got brain cancer in 1986 and died after one year of her diagnosis. At the time of Ruby Moore Hardy’s death, Matt Hardy was only 12 years old whereas his younger brother, Jeff was 9. During an interview, Matt disclosed his mother’s suffering with the illness, he disclosed how she went for chemotherapies after episodes of tough surgeries, he also told how Ruby Moore used to have breakdown once her hairs started falling off.

To deal with it, she used to wear wigs so she could go out in public. Though, nothing really worked for her and she ultimately died due to the illness. Matt, his brother and father had a tough time dealing with Ruby Moore Hardy’s death. Ruby’s husband and Matt’s father encouraged him and his brother Jeff to not sulk in the sorrow but instead to be strong and become successful.







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