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Know about Kurt Angle’s Daughter Sofia Laine Angle


Sofia Laine Angle is daughter of the American Wrestler, Kurt Angle. Sofia was born in 2012 to Kurt and Giovanna Yannotti. Sofia is known because of her father, Kurt Angle who is now a retired amateur wrestler

Sofia Laine Angle Family & Background

Sofia was born to the wrestler father Kurt Angle and actress mother, Giovanna Yannotti on 31st December, 2012.  Kurt Angle was born in a suburb of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh to Jackie and David Angle. Sofia’s father has ancestry from Ireland, England, Lithuania, Germany, and Italy. Kurt went to study at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a degree in education. He had 4 more brothers and a sister, one of the brothers was also a wrestler, Eric Angle.

Sofia Laine Angle’s Career

Sofia is a 9-year-old kid so she still has a long way tto start her career. However, Sofia’s father Kurt was just 7 when he first started wrestling and he earned a varsity letter for the same, he also had a keen interest in playing football. Kurt won the 3rd position in the state tournament in his junior year and in his senior year, he won the Pennsylvania State Wrestling Championship. He continued to wrestle and won 13 times world champion and one Gold medal in the Olympics with a broken neck. His signature moves are multiple German Suplexes and leg locks in position around the ringpost.

On August 27, 2000, the WWE Championship was fought where he received his first Pay-Per-View.  He was against the champion The Rock and Triple H in a Triple Threat Match, during a pre-match altercation with Triple H, he ended up suffering a concussion even before the bell rang. Over the course of his career, Angle has encountered the law numerous times, including several drunken charges. Additionally, he was detained for reportedly stalking Trenesha Biggers, who had filed a petition for safety from abuse order against him.

Kurt Angle has enjoyed a very successful acting career as well. After retiring from the world of professional wrestling, Angle expressed his interest in acting.  He made his acting debut in the 2008 short film Chains as a racist jail guard. portrayed Brad Mayfield, a serial murderer, in the 2009 movie End Game.He appeared on television as well as in a number of movies. Some of the movies and shows among many he appeared in are End Game, Warrior, Waking Up, Drummer for the Mob, Olympic Trials with Kurt Angle, The Weakest Link.

Sofia Laine Angle’s Net Worth

Sofia’s father’s expected net worth in 2022 is in the $5 million range, as per Celebrity Net Worth. His acting career and professional wrestling career together contribute to his total net worth. WWE had a significant influence on his current net worth.

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