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Peak Performance: The Best AFL Training Gear to Pick Up Online

Peak Performance: The Best AFL Training Gear to Pick Up Online

The footy season is full of challenges that make optimal performance essential to victory. A top player must cover the essential footy elements to ensure they are at peak performance and help their team to the flag. There are multiple training aids that can help them achieve this level of peak performance.

Here, we are going to talk about some of the top training equipment you can find online that will help you elevate your game to new heights:

Training ball

At the best online AFL store you will find the legendary training balls – essential to helping you master the essential elements that make up a match situation. They are designed to replicate game balls whilst comprising durable materials to withstand heavy training conditions.

Their composition ensures a high level of durability that can withstand endless training drills like set shots and kick-to-kick. Their strength and durability ensures that they can be used throughout multiple weekly training sessions and in the toughest of winter climates!

The Precision ball

The brainchild of AFL legend and Premiership coach Mark Williams, the Precision is a footy that can help any player optimise their kicking ability. It contains a visible spin line that, when kicked, provides immediate feedback to the player on their spin pathway. This footy is used by professional clubs across the league to help players better understand their kicking style and amplify their shooting and passing.

Retractable goal posts

It’s imperative to have extra goal posts for when multiple teams are training on the one field. This will allow you to host inter-team end-of-training matches as well as shooting drills when there is just not enough space on the field for multiple teams to use the big sticks.

Blocking pad

The blocking pad has long been an Aussie rules training essential. It ensures that players can elevate both their blocking and tackling skills in a safe and educational way. The high density sponge material ensures that players can simulate both blocking and tackling in a safe manner as the material can withstand high impact situations.

Hand ball target

In recent years, proper hand balling skills have become as imperative as kicking, as teams rely more on precision than long bombs to get the ball to their forward 50. Yes, gone are the days of the big and hopeful torp, in favour of short hand balls and precision kicks to work the ball towards goal.

As such, the hand ball target is an essential element in any team’s training schedule. What’s more, they are a fun way to help players elevate this essential part of their game, as you can host hand balling competitions to see whose short game is really on point!

The rebounder

Anyone who has gone anywhere near an AFL ball will attest to the random nature of its flight pattern. It is an oval-shaped prune designed to deceive players who think they’re about to get a quick grab off its bounce. With this in mind, the rebounder has always been an essential tool for sharpening player reflexes.

It is designed to have coaches bounce the ball off its stringy surface and make players optimise their reaction time to the ball’s flight. What’s more, it helps with aerial play, ball control and hand passing, making it a great aid for improving a player’s all-round game.

Be sure to pick up these essential training aids to create the ultimate all-round team!

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