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Owen Isabelle Landau, Daughter Of Michelle Branch

owen isabelle landau

Owen Isabelle Landau is a young celebrity girl, who already has millions of fans despite being just a teenager and not having any such profession. Well, the reason for that is her Grammy award-winning musician mother, Michelle Branch. If you are interested to know more about Owen Isabelle Landau, read this article.

Here we will discuss the early life, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, and all other details about Owen Isabelle Landau.

Personal life

Owen Isabelle Landau was born on 3rd August 2005 in Los Angeles, California United States to American celebrity couple Michelle Branch and Teddy Landau. There is nothing much available about the childhood of this 17-year-old young girl. The same goes for the love life of Owen Isabelle Landau too. Considering her age, we assume that she might have started dating but she has kept it a secret only.

Parents and siblings

Owen Isabelle Landau is the only daughter of her parents Michelle Branch and Teddy Landau, who got married in 2010. After staying for 10 years and spending some wonderful moments together, the parents of Owen Isabelle Landau split in 2014. After that, the mother of Owen Isabelle Landau got married to another American musician and had two kids with him. Given the fact, Owen Isabelle Landau has two step-siblings from her mother.

Coming to the profession of her celebrity parents, her mother is a singer and songwriter. On the other hand, her father is a bass player.


With the fact that Owen Isabelle Landau is just 17 years old, it is pretty obvious that she would not have any kids at such a young age.

Education and profession

The personal life of the parents of Owen Isabelle Landau certainly grabbed public attention but they made sure not to make the personal life of their daughter public. This is the reason that there is no information available on the educational background of Owen Isabelle Landau. Since she is already 17, we assume that she must be done with her schooling and has even enrolled at a good university to pursue her graduation. As for the profession of Owen Isabelle Landau, she is not active in any profession right now, probably because she is completely focusing on her studies.

Reason for the popularity of Owen Isabelle Landau

The whole reason for the popularity of Owen Isabelle Landau is, of course, her parents, especially her mother, who is today a big name in the American music industry.

Net worth of Owen Isabelle Landau

Well, let us tell you directly that the 17-year-old young girl does not have any net worth under her name right now, as she is not active in any profession. Today, she is just enjoying the money of her mother, Michelle Branch, who holds an estimated net worth of around 15 million.


The beauty of Owen Isabelle Landau is just flawless. Seriously, she looks drop-dead gorgeous. We must say that she would definitely impress people if she comes into the glamour world like her mother in the future.

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