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Is Nicole Simone Henton Related to John Henton?

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John Henton is an American actor recognized for his performance in stand-up comedy and various films. Although the comedian has remained focused on his career, sounding like a bachelor, he tested fatherhood when he welcomed his daughter Nicole Simone Henton on March 8, 2004.

The comedian starred in Living single, and according o him, he has never been married. From his actions and performances, you may think he has been a bachelor all his time, but he had a one-time girlfriend, Michele Delaney, with whom he had a daughter.

Before John Henton welcomed his daughter, he had been involved in several tragedies that can be described as bad luck.

John Henton’s Tragic Accident

In September 2000, John woke up to a tragedy when he was involved in a road accident because of drunk driving. The accident cost the actor 11 of his teeth and broke his legs. Also, reports indicate that the actor’s eye sockets were badly damaged, which may have caused him to lose his eyes.

Rumors of John losing his eye spread like Wildfire, and Wendy Zocks, the publicist for The Hughley, had to come forward to clear the rumors in the air. In a statement that the publicist gave on behalf of the Henton family, he indicated that the actor had not lost an eye, limbs, or brain damage.

The accident forced the stand-up comedian into surgery to reconstruct his body. Nine months after the incident, the actor spoke to the media, thanking the doctors and saying it was a blessing the doctors got his face together.

Due to his involvement in the accident, John Henton went to Mother Against Drunk Driving class until 2001. Moreover, she performed a thirty-day community service in California.

Less than two months into rehabilitation, John returned to the Hughleys. The actor continued acting for the next two seasons.

John Henton’s Past

Living single is one of the shows that were successful at its time. The show aired from 1993 to 1998, featured John Henton, and formed a basis for his career. During the show’s third season, Henton opened up on how he was undergoing relationship challenges despite the show being a huge success.

John disclosed that there was a possible union with a woman he never disclosed, but the beautiful dream ended in sorrow, with the duo splitting. The comedian never mentioned the lady’s name, but it seems she affected the comedian’s wish to get married. Perhaps, that is why the comedian has stayed a bachelor all his life.

Is John Henton Still Acting?

Despite the accident that happened to John, he never looked back on his career. John has been an actor, and his long-term roles in The Hughleys and Living single, have placed him as one of the best comedians of all time.

Is John Henton Married?

John Henton planned to marry, but it seems he broke up with the party before they would exchange vows. After that breakup, Henton started dating Michele Delaney, a co-star younger than him at eighteen. But, unfortunately, Henton has not revealed if he is married.

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