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Maya Rose Estes Personal Life, Family, & More

Maya Rose Estes

Everyone recognizes how celebrity kids utilize their parents’ notoriety to facilitate their careers. However, the audience and the media are the stimuli behind this, they appreciate them doing so. Nonetheless, Maya Rose Estes also falls in the same category. She is the daughter of the famous American actor, Rob Estes.

As the title of the article states it will provide all possible information about who  Maya Rose Estes is. Along with her, a few sections will also be adjoined about her father to enhance her character.

Early Life And Family

Maya Rose Estes is the daughter of Rob Estes and Josie Bissett. She was born on 14th April 2002 in Los Angeles, California, United States. She had spent her childhood days with her sibling named Mason True Estes.

Excluding this nothing, much can be known about her fields of interest. However, her parents never seem enthusiastic in asserting what all are their daughter’s fields of interest. This depicts that they must prefer leading a private life.

Maya’s Father And His Net Worth

Robert Estes, professionally known as Rob Estes, is an actor from America. He was born on 22nd July 1963 in Norfolk, Virginia, US. He went to Santa Monica High School and then attended the University of Southern California to complete his graduation. He started his career as a stuntman and body double and his charm and personality assisted him to be a part of a glamourous world with it.

His first ever work was Days of Our Lives where he played the character of Glenn Gallagher. Later he was recognized as Sergeant Chris Lorenzo with the drama named Silk Stalkings which premiered from 1991 to 1995.

Since then, he never looked back and became a part of several dramas and shows like Providence, Suddenly Susan, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Gilmore Girls, Same Time, Next Year, The Lake, and so on. In 2005 he appeared in a comedy movie named I Do, They Don’t which was previously titled Blended. Over there he worked with his ex-wife and Maya’s mother Josie Bissett.

After that, he worked in other movies like The Evidence, CSI: Miami, Beverly Hills, 90210, and many more. However, in 2010 Rob Estes announced that he will be part of the second season of 90210 which will be his final season with the show.

After moving apart from Josie, Rob married Erin Bolte in 2010. The couple also had a son named Makai Ever, who was born in April 2011.

According to sources, at present Rob Estes has a net worth of around 3 million dollars.

Maya Rose Estes’ Net Worth

No such information can be gathered which may illustrate anything about how Maya earns her bread. However, she is 29 years old and may be dependent upon her parents for her needs. So it’s better not to think about her net worth.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned segments of the article are enough to gain a precise idea about who Maya Rose Estes is. Hopefully, just like her father, she will also climb the stairs of success at every juncture of her life and make her father proud. However, to know more about such identities keep scrolling through this website.

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