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Mateo Lopes Guzman: All About Ryan Guzman’s Son

mateo lopes guzman

Mateo Lopes Guzman is the son of Ryan Guzman, an American actor, and Christi Ane, a Brazilian actress. Mateo was born on January 24, 2019. His father named him Mateo after a kid; his mother used to watch over him in her daycare. The firstborn celebrity kid is the firstborn in a family of two kids; his younger sister, Genevieve Valentina Guzman, was born on January 7, 2021.

Mateo is yet to start going to school as he is still young, but once he starts to go to school, his parents will take him to the best schools. In 2020, Mateo Lopes Guzman was sick and rushed to the hospital; his parents said he was wheezing and coughing and had difficulty breathing. Mateo was well taken care of by the nurses and doctors and is in good health.

His Father

Mateo Guzman’s father was a martial arts fighter, earning Black Belt at ten before venturing into acting. He also worked in the modeling industry as a print and commercial model for Look Model Agency and Wilhelmina Models. Ryan also modeled for Reebok, a footwear and clothing manufacturer, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Mateo’s father made his film debut in 2012 when he featured as Sean Asa in Step Up Revolution. The film was a dance film, and despite not having any dancing skills, Ryan landed the role and learned how to dance with time. The film director Scott Speer saw a connection between Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick and wanted to have it in the movie.

In 2014, Mateo’s father reprised his role in the sequel, Step Up: All In. Other films in which Ryan appeared include There’s Always Woodstock, The Boy Next Door, Everybody Wants Some, Armed, Windows on the World, and The Cleansing Hour.

On Television, Mateo’s father made his debut as Ryan on an episode of Cameras. He landed his major television role when he featured as Jake in the television series Pretty Little Liars. Ryan has also been featured in Heroes Reborn, Notorious, Chopped Junior, 9-1-1, and 9-1-1Lone Star.

His Parents’ Net Worth and Personal Life

Mateo’s father has been acting for ten years; throughout this time, he has featured in several films and television shows and must have earned good money. His net worth, mainly from his acting career, is estimated to be approximately 2 million US dollars. On the other hand, Mateo Guzman’s mother has been acting since 2013 and has made some money to support her family.

In their personal life, Mateo’s parents have been together since 2018. The couple seems to be deeply in love as they sometimes post each other on their social media platforms, particularly on Instagram. Despite their nature of work, they are close, and their two kids have strengthened their bond.

Social Media

Mateo is too young to be on social media platforms, but his parents are active and sometimes post pictures of him, especially his mother. On Instagram, Mateo’s mother has over 400k followers and has posted over 900 times. On the other hand, Ryan Guzman has over 900k followers on Instagram with over six hundred posts. He is also on Twitter.

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