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Imani Shekinah Knox’s Bio, Parents, Siblings, and Personal Life

imani shekinah knox

Imani shekinah Knox was born on August 25, 2001, to her parents, Flex Alexander and Shanice Wilson. Her father, Flex, is an American actor, dancer, and comedian, while her mother is a singer, actress, and dancer. She has one sibling, a younger brother called Elijah Alexander, born on March 5, 2004.

Talking of her personal life, Imani has not revealed if she is dating anyone. She is probably focusing on her studies and her career as a singer.

Education and Career

Imani Shekinah has not made public the details of the schools she attended, but in June 2019, she graduated from high school. She is probably in college, but she or her parents have not revealed the college’s name.

Imani took after her mother since she is a singer and songwriter. She sometimes posts videos of her singing on her Instagram page, but you can find her music on Apple Music and Spotify. Besides, a link on her Instagram page can direct you to everything about her, including her music and other socials besides Instagram.

Besides being a singer, Imani Shekinah Knox has a thing for acting. She was featured in her family reality series Flex and Shanice from 2014 to 2016.

Her Parents.

Imani Shekinah’s father started dancing as a teen before turning to stand-up comedy, making his debut at 19. After doing comedy for some time, he turned to acting and decided to make a living out of it. Flex made his acting debut when he featured in the film Juice. His other film appearances came in Money Train, The Sixth Man, Santa and Pete, Snakes on a Plane, and Grandma’s House, among others.

Imani’s father landed his first major television role when he portrayed Reggie Coltrane on the television series Where I Live in 1993. Flex also appeared in The Cosby Mysteries, Homeboys in Outer Space, One on One, Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy, Mixed-ish, and Kenan.

Imani’s mother, who is a musician, with the help of her mother and aunt, started her music at a young age. In her senior music career, Shanice has worked with some notable record labels, including Motown Records, La Face Records, and A&M Records. Some of Imani’s mother’s songs include I Love Your Smile, When I close My Eyes, and Saving Forever for You.

Flex and Shanice married each other on February 19, 2000, and have been together for 22 years with no separation or divorce rumors. Despite their family’s ups and downs, they have remained together and seem to love one another more. Their two children give them a reason to smile every day.

Social Media

Imani is active on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she has a huge following. She uses the username @imaniaaliyahhh on Instagram, has 23k followers, follows 540, and has posted over 100 times. Most of her Instagram posts are pictures and videos of herself. Imani Shekinah Knox is also on Twitter which she joined in February 2017, and she has slightly over a hundred followers.

You can watch more videos of Imani Shekinah Knox on TikTok, where she has over 15k followers and uses the same username she uses on Instagram.

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