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Who is Margo Callas?

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Margo Callas was the second wife of the late Mike Nicholas, a recognized film and theater director, actor, producer, and comedian. Margo Callas and Mike Nicholas had one daughter, the eldest of the actor and comedian, but they divorced after spending their life together for over a decade.

Margo Callas’s ex-husband was married four times, and he has three children from two marriages. His first child was Daisy Nicholas, born in 1964 with his second ex-wife Margo Nicholas.

Of the four marriages, Margo Callas’s ex-husband divorced thrice. When he died, he was in his fourth marriage and had no child with her fourth wife. Margo Callas, on the other hand, went silent after she divorced, and it seems she never entered into another relationship

Margo Callas’s Ex-Husband

Margo Callas’s ex-husband is Mike Nicholas, and he was born on November 6, 1931. Mike was an American film and theatre director, producer, actor, and comedian who made a name for himself. He saw potentiality in all actors and ensured they gave their best.

Margo Callas’s ex-husband made a name for himself when he made a name for himself as one of the few people in America that won the four major American awards. He won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony awards, and other awards, recognizing his talent and dedication to the filming industry.

Mike Nicholas’ Early Life

Nicholas was born in Berlin, Germany, to Brigitte and Pavel Peschkowsky. His father came from a wealthy family, and they migrated from Russian Revolution and settled in Germany. His mother was from Germany, making Mike Nicholas have a relationship with Albert Einstein.

In 1939, the Nazis were arresting Jews in Berlin. As a result, Micael, who was seven years and his three-year-old brother were sent to the United States to join their father, who had fled to the States months earlier. Mike went looking for his brother in the company of his younger brother while his mother escaped through Italy, joining the family in 1940.

Mike’s father changed his name to Paul Nicholas, and he trained as medical personnel, which enabled him to get his medical license. His successful medical career enabled his family to live near Central Park.

Mike’s father had not established his career well when he died in 1944 at 44 years. It was part of his job as a doctor to do X-rays, and because they did not know about shielding X-ray machines, it led to leukemia which caused his death.

Margo Callas’s Children

Margo Callas had one child with Mike Nicholas. Margo had her daughter in 1964, a year after her marriage to Mike Nicholas. It was not Mike’s first marriage because previously, he was married to Patricia Scot from 1957 to 1960.

After they quit their marriage, Mike Nicholas met Margo Callas and married in 1963. A year after their marriage, they welcomed their daughter Daisy Nicholas. The marriage lasted until 1974, when they divorced

After the divorce, Margo Callas remained single, and there is n other marriage has been recorded. As a result, she had one child in her entire life.

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