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Know about Peter Tork’s Son Ivan Joseph Iannoli


Ivan Joseph Iannoli is the son of Peter Tork, an American musician, bass guitarist and keyboardist of the famous rock band, The Monkees. Ivan Joseph Iannoli came to be known mainly due to his father, however, he has also established himself as an artist and designer in San Francisco. Peter began his career from a small village of Greenwich and eventually made his way to the Monkees, once he moved to Los Angeles. Some of his famous songs included “Sweet Young Thing”, “For Peter’s Sake, “Can You Dig It?” among many.

The Monkees’ most well-known musical outtake, “Lady’s Baby,” which was inspired by Tork’s business partner Bob Hammer’s wife Karen Harvey Hammer and featured in 1995 as a bonus track on the group’s fifth LP edition, was created while Tork was a member of the band. Justin, the Hammers’ infant son, was present. For “Lady’s Baby,” Peter insisted on having the baby Justin’s cooing recorded, which necessitated chasing the infant around the studio with a microphone. Peter’s usage of baby cooing on a pop record anticipated by some 30 years the approach later adopted by country beauties Martina McBride and Sara Evans, who utilised their own children’s cooing on some of their songs.

Ivan Joseph Iannoli’s Family Background

Ivan Joseph Iannoli was born to the bass guitarists Peter Tork and Barbara Iannoli. The duo married in 1975 and in the same year of December, Ivan was born. However, after 12 years of marriage Peter and Barbara divorced. Peter later married Pamela Grape and remained married to her till his death. Peter’s success gave a brighter future to his kids.

Ivan Joseph Iannoli’s Education and Career

Ivan did B.A. from Columbia University, New York in 2007 and then completed his M.F.A from University of California, Los Angeles. Now, 47 Ivan is an assistant professor and guest lecturer at CCA, UC Davis, and SJSU along with being an artist and designer. He also has a number of awards and grants to his name including SFAI Student Union Outstanding Faculty Award, UC Regents Grant, D’arcy Hayman Stipend, UCLA Arts Council Stipend. He is an active member of instagram and twitter. He also has his own website where one can find his art portraits.

Ivan Joseph Iannoli’s Net Worth

Ivan’s net worth is not yet known to the world, however Peter Tork’s total net worth is reportedly $4 million, according to sources. Due to his musical ability and membership in “The Monkees,” which considerably increased his wealth over time, Tork was able to amass his money. He is still working in the music business; thus his wealth continues growing.


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