Home LIFESTYLE Keeping Cotton Close; Wardrobes, Closets and Cabinets Filled with Environmentally Friendly Renewable Clothing Materials is Also Healthier

Keeping Cotton Close; Wardrobes, Closets and Cabinets Filled with Environmentally Friendly Renewable Clothing Materials is Also Healthier

Environmentally Friendly Renewable Clothing Materials

The layers closest to our skin such as bedding, bath towels, or undergarments should be cotton for many reasons. Renewable, light, biodegradable, breathable cotton remains an industry favourite in each of these sectors.

It is important from the onset of all purchases that we consider the environmental and other impacts of the purchase. The environment doesn’t have to be our main priority in every instance, but it should be one of the priorities we consider.

While synthetics are excellent for wicking away moisture and drying rapidly, wearing them for a long time close to our bodies is not recommended. Modal fabric from beech-tree cellulose is another renewable material for garments. Hemp and bamboo have been used as textiles for clothing for centuries.

When addressing corporate responsibilities, we expect efficiency, environmental consciousness, and community involvement. Manufacturers who are inclusive in their products and marketing are gaining favour. Companies that empower women in their community involvement and support women’s issues rightly garner our attention.

Fashion, fit, form, function, and financial cost all matter when it comes to womens underwear. We also care about promoting women-owned businesses. We all represent womanhood in diverse ways. Our fashion and style have been used to draw attention to causes and movements, profits, and peace negotiations.

Some materials are not intended to be outerwear. Their thin, shear material and construction make them more appropriate as an undergarment. The bralette is one crossover under/outer garment that gets a pass when worn alone.

  • On a similar topic, let’s talk leggings. Ladies, no judgment from me for going commando, but secure your flower with another layer to disguise body contours before yoga.
  • G-strings are good under tight dresses, fitted pants, or shorts. If your bum shape is more like an “O” or “A”, they seem to fit better. Tangas are a sub-category of G-string, with a triangle coverage in the back.
  • The bikini cut is excellent for more square-shaped bodies. They ride lower on the hip and higher on the thigh than a mid-rise cut. Comfortable and versatile in skinny jeans, dresses, and skirts.
  • If your butt shape is heart-shaped or square, Mid-rise underwear is a great daily choice for a busy lifestyle. With less coverage than a high-brief and more than a hipster cut, the mid-rise fits just below the navel so watch your pant waistline.
  • Hipsters are great for low-rise pants. They accentuate natural curves and are discretely comfortable for casual wear, athleisure, and sleepwear.
  • We need those high-briefs for full body contour support on days when we want more security. They accentuate your natural silhouette and work well in fitted or non-fitted dresses.
  • Cheekies are great under anything. With less coverage than a bikini and more than a G-string, they offer discrete lines and a fun light feel.
  • The full line of men’s boxers, boxer briefs, or boy-shorts can be loose and revealing. Keep your garden secret at home when lounging. Slip into a better-fitting pair for thigh support and a comfortable fit under athleisure, skirts, or pants.
  • The half-slip is another discrete comfortable option for a diverse amount of fashion styles. Under dresses, shorts, and skirts, they provide body contouring and secure comfort.

Under it all, be confident personally and professionally by wearing your individuality.

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