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Julie Lynn Champnella, Tom Arnold’s Lover

Julie Lynn Champnella

Julie Lynn Champnella, better known as Julie Armstrong, is an American actress, who mainly grabbed public attention because of her relationship with popular American actor, Tom Arnold.

Today, we will tell you everything not just about their relationship but also the personal life, siblings, parents, education, work, net worth, and other details of Julie Lynn Champnella. So, go ahead.

Personal life

Julie Lynn Champnella took birth in 1974 in Southgate, Michigan, United States. There is no information available about her parents, as Julie Lynn Champnella herself never talked about that. If you talk about the personal life of Julie Lynn Champnella, she married two times in her lifetime. She first fell in love with American actor Tom Arnold. The couple got married in 1995 but, just after 4 years, in 1999, they called it quits.

After almost a decade in 2007, Julie Lynn Champnella found love again in James Armstrong who is a stuntman by profession. The couple has been together since then and enjoying their blissful life. After her marriage to James Armstrong, Julie Lynn Champnella took the surname of her husband, and today she is popularly known by the name Julie Armstrong.

Parents and siblings

We could not find any confirmed information about the parents and siblings of Julie Lynn Champnella because she herself never discussed anything about her family background. From personal to professional background, nothing is known about the parents of Julie Lynn Champnella.


Unfortunately, Julie Lynn Champnella could not enjoy motherhood with her both marriages. What is the reason for having no kids is not known.

Education and profession

Julie Lynn Champnella stepped into the glamour world and became an actress only after completing her education. After completing high school at some local school in Michigan, Julie Lynn Champnella attended Michigan State University and California State University, Northridge respectively, and completed her higher studies. As for the profession of Julie Lynn Champnella, you already know that she is an actress by profession and is quite successful in her career too.

Reason for the popularity of Julie Lynn Champnella

Well, Julie Lynn Champnella herself is a notable personality and has achieved significant success in her life to become popular. Moreover, she is also a social kind of person and regularly makes public appearances. Yeah, her marriage with Tom Arnold definitely brought her more into the media spotlight and gave her worldwide fame.

Net worth of Julie Lynn Champnella

As you already know that Julie Lynn Champnella is an actress by profession, you yourself can assume how much money she would have accumulated so far. No idea? Okay, let us tell you. The gorgeous actress is said to have an estimated net worth of around 13 million as of 2022. Her sole earnings come from her acting career.


Other than being a remarkable actress, Julie Lynn Champnella is also a wonderful lady. She has maintained a balance between her personal and professional life flawlessly. The interesting thing is that she is professionally active even at the age of 48.

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