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Joseph Robert Skutvik Relationships, Personal Life, & More

Joseph Robert Skutvik

Joseph Robert Skutvik is an American citizen and is popularly known as the ex-husband of the late Amanda Peterson. Amanda Peterson was a Hollywood actress who even served jail time. Joseph Robert came under the limelight after his divorce from Peterson came to light. Their marriage was kept under wraps for unknown reasons.

Do continue reading if you want to know about this mysterious ex-husband of Amanda Peterson.

Personal Life of Joseph Robert Skutvik

Since he was 43 years of age during his ex-wife’s demise, it can be determined that Skutvik was born in 1972. No one knows when he married Peterson. It can be speculated that they have been in a relationship since their high school days. Joseph Robert Skutvik was only 26 years old when he split from Amanda Peterson on April 9, 1999. The 50-year-old Skutvik was in Colorado at that time. He is still single and lives in LA now.

Skutvik’s Relationship with His Ex-Partner Amanda Peterson

Joseph Robert Skutvik, the first husband of Amanda Peterson, is a man who knows a thing or two about heartbreak. Skutvik met the actress in high school, and they married young. But after just a few years of wedded bliss, Skutvik says that things began to unravel.

Skutvik recalls feeling as if the couple were living entirely different lives. Joseph also recounts his married life and says that days went without him speaking with Amanda. The final straw was Amanda Peterson’s announcement that she wanted a divorce.

Joseph Robert states that he was devastated, as he loved Peterson and thought the duo had a great life together. More than a year after the split, Skutvik began rebuilding his life again. He has even opened about his failed marriage.

All about Amanda Peterson

Born Phyllis Amanda Peterson, in Greeley, Colorado, the American actress was popularly known as Mandy Peterson. James Peterson and his wife Sylvia welcomed their third child on July 8, 1971. Peterson began her acting career at the age of 7, appearing in several television commercials and theater productions with small roles. She landed her first major role in the 1984 sci-fi film, Explorers.

In 1986, Peterson starred in the coming-of-age film, Can’t Buy Me Love, opposite Patrick Dempsey. The film was successful commercially, and Peterson’s performance was praised by critics. She next appeared in Some Kind of Wonderful, a 1988 film with Eric Stoltz.

Peterson’s career began to decline in the early 1990s, and she appeared in a few direct-to-video films. In 1992, she appeared in the film Dr. Giggles, opposite Larry Drake. The film was a huge failure, and Peterson’s career did not recover.

Other Facts about Peterson

After her downfall in the Hollywood industry, Amanda Peterson was detained multiple times on several accounts, including drugs. Peterson married her second husband, David Hartley, in 2008. Peterson passed away at the age of 43 on July 5, 2015.


Despite the pain of his divorce, Skutvik says he’s grateful for the experience. For Joseph, his marriage has taught him a valuable lesson. He now knows what he wants in his life and doesn’t want to compromise. Though in his early 50s, He is still single and lives in LA now.

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