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Star Kid Life Of Henry Harris Hebel

Henry Harris Hebel

Celebrity kid Henry Harris Hebel is the eldest son of TV actress Rachel Harris with her second husband Christian Hebel. Henry is the elder brother of Otto Hebel. Rebecca Harris is an American artist who has been working in the entertainment industry for 30 years. Her ex-husband Christian Hebel is a songwriter who has worked on many films including Life of Pi.

All about Henry Harris Hebel

Rachel Harris and Christian Hebel welcomed their son Henry Harris Hebel on July 19th, 2016. The 6-year-old was conceived through surrogacy. Henry’s parents met each other through their mutual friend Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka. Rachel and Christian were engaged in September 2014 and after eight months got married in May 2015.

The TV actress Rachel Harris married Christian Hebel, a violinist, by eloping in 2015. The marriage was attended by their three close friends, Kelly Ripa, Neil Patrick Harris, and David Burtka. Kelly Ripa is one of the hosts of “Life with Kelly and Ryan”. Neil Patrick Harris is a TV actor. David Burtka is Neil Harris’s husband. Rachel worked with Neil on How I Met your mother. Harris and Hebel welcomed their second son, Otto Hebel in 2018. After four years of marriage, the couple decided to split in August 2019. They shared joint custody of their sons.

Who is Rachel Harris?

Born on January 12, 1968, Rachel Elaine Harris is popular for her role as Dr. Linda Martin in the television show Lucifer. She debuted in the American television industry with a sci-fi show in 1993 and has been actively working since then. The 54 years old actress has done many television commercials and television series.  Harris has also appeared in many feature films including the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Rachel Harris was first married to her How I Met your mother, costar Adam Paul. She married him in 2003. But after five years, the duo decided to call it quits in 2008. Even after all this, Rachel did not lose hope in true love. Seven years after her divorce from Paul Harris married Chris Hebbel. She even had two children with Hebel. Rachel later divorced Hebel. Now she is a single mother taking care of her two sons.

Works of Rachel Harris

Rachael Harris is best known for her work on television. She has appeared in several popular shows, including The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Suits. Harris is also a successful film actress, appearing in such films as Best in Show and The Hangover.

Harris’s first major role was in the television series The O.C., where she played the role of Dr. Harris. She also had a recurring role on the show Curb Your Enthusiasm as Larry David’s therapist. In recent years, Harris has had starring roles on the shows Suits and New Girl.

In addition to her work on television, Harris has also appeared in several films. She had a supporting role in Best in Show. Rachel Harris also appeared in The Hangover and The Hangover Part II. Harris is also a comedian and has done some voiceovers as well.


Henry Harris Hebel is the son of two famous artists in the American entertainment industry. His father is Christian Heaven, an American concert master. Whereas his mother is a very talented actress.

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