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Recalling Memorable Life Of Francisco Stanley Solis

Francisco Stanley Solis

Francisco Stanley Solis was popular for being the oldest son of Late Paco Stanley, a popular Mexican TV personality of the 90s. Paco Stanley was married twice, and Francisco Solis was his only child from his first marriage. Solis had three younger half-siblings. He passed away at age of 25.

All about Francisco Stanley Solis’s Personal Life

Paco Stanley and his first wife, Maria Solis, welcomed their only son, Francisco Stanley Solace, in 1968. The couple kept their child away from the media limelight. So, no other information is known about him. Their son suddenly died at the young age of 25. Stanley and Solis didn’t reveal the reason behind his demise.

Who is Paco Stanley?

Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero, better known as “Paco Stanley”, was a Mexican television presenter, comedian and actor. Paco Stanley was born on July 3, 1942, in Mexico City. He started his work in radio and then went on to have his own television show.

Paco was first married to María Solís. Stanley’s second wife was Patricia Pedroza, who bore him two kids. Their daughter was named Leslie whereas their son was Francisco Stanley Pedroza. Paco Stanley was even in a relationship with Monica Durutty. The couple was gifted with a son, Paul Stanley. Paco Stanley was murdered at the age of 56.

Paco Stanley’s Career

Stanley began his career as a model and actor in various Mexican telenovelas and movies. He gained popularity in the 1980s as the host of the variety show “Siempre en Domingo” and the game show “El precio justo”.

Paco Stanley was known for his comedic roles and his catchphrase “¡Ay, mi amor!” (“Oh, my love!”). He also appeared in the films “Noche de amor” (1984) and “Amor de mis amores” (1987).

Paco Stanley as a Television Show Host

Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero was a Mexican TV host who is known for his work on the Televisa network with Benito Castro. He hosted several shows on the network, including the talk show “Hoy” and the game show “Acapulco Shore”. In 1995, Stanley began working as a host on the Televisa network. He continued it for three years.

Paco Stanley as an Actor

Stanley began his career as an actor in 1992 and has appeared in numerous plays, films, and television programs. In addition to his acting career, Albaitero has also directed and produced several plays. He is the founder of the theater company Teatro de los Sueños, which produces plays for children and adults.

Reason Behind Paco Stanley’s Death

On June 7, 1999, Paco Stanley died due to a daytime restaurant shootout. He had just finished a morning show on TV Azteca studio and went to have lunch with his partners, Mario Bezares and Jeorge Gil. They had just finished their lunch in a Mexican restaurant. Suddenly three people came inside and started shooting everyone. Stanley and Bezares died in the shootout whereas Jeorge Gil escaped with injures.

Who is Benito Castro?

Castro began his career as a stand-up comedian in the early 1990s. He gained popularity in Mexico with his stand-up act “El Show de Benito”. He worked with Paco Stanley on Stanley’s show Televisa.


Francisco Solis is one of the children of Stanley. It is unfortunate that Francisco died at such a young age without experiencing much life.

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