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Dyan Struble, Personal Life and Net Worth


Dyan Struble is one of those people, who become popular because of a certain person in their life, and that person in her life is her ex-husband. She is mainly famous for being the ex-wife of American baseball player John Smoltz. She is no longer with the baseball legend but the status of being his wife once has made her popular forever.

Here, we are going to talk everything about Dyan Struble including her siblings, childhood, parents, family, education, work, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

 Since Dyan Struble gained popularity when she was young, there is nothing really available about her early life. Be it the date of birth or the names of her parents, you won’t get any information on the childhood of Dyan Struble. It’s the love life of Dyan Struble that is widely known. She got married to an American baseball pitcher, John Smoltz, in 1990 after dating for a couple of years. The couple enjoyed their marriage for 16 long years and had kids together. However, Dyan Struble ended up with a divorce in 2007. After that, her husband married another lady in 2009.

Parents and siblings

 Despite becoming popular, Dyan Struble has never talked about her parents and siblings. Given the fact, there is not any confirmed confirmation available on these two things.


 Though the marriage of Dyan Struble with John Smoltz ended up with a divorce, the couple remained together for a long time and had 4 kids together. The names of the kids of Dyan Struble are John Andrew Jr., Carly Maria, Kelly Christina and Rachel Elizabeth Smoltz. Other than the names, no other information is known about her kids.

Education and profession

 Let us tell you directly that the educational as well as professional background of Dyan Struble is a mystery to the public. She has kept the information regarding these two things to herself only. With the fact that she was the wife of such a legendary player, she must be an educated and professionally established lady.

Reason for the popularity of Dyan Struble

 The one and only reason for the popularity of Dyan Struble is her ex-husband, John Smoltz, who is a legendary former American baseball player. When Dyan Struble was with him, she always used to be in the headlines.

Net worth of Dyan Struble

 With the fact that Dyan Struble has not disclosed her profession, estimating her net worth is not easy. Considering her lifestyle, we do assume that she is definitely into some good profession because she lives like a queen. As for the net worth of her ex-partner, he is estimated to have a whopping net worth of around 120 million despite having retired from the game years ago.


 We must say that Dyan Struble is a sorted and strong lady. When her relationship was not working with John Smoltz, she simply walked away without creating a messy situation for herself, her kids, as well as her partner. And, today she is living her life gloriously.

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