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Get to Know Daniel Hayes Ramis

Daniel Hayes Ramis

Daniel Hayes Ramis has remained famous thanks to his father, Harold Ramis. Harold was an American actor, writer, director, and comedian; as an actor, he was known for playing Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. Daniel was born on August 10, 1994, to the actor and his wife, Erica Mann. His mother, Erica, is an actress known for Club Paradise, Pivot, and Glitch.

Daniel has two older siblings, Violet Ramis and Julian Arthur Ramis. His sister Violet Ramis is an actor, having featured in Caddyshack, Stuart Saves His Family, and Behind Closed Doors.

Personal Life, Career, and Net Worth

Talking of his personal life, not much is known about Daniel’s private life; it is unclear if he is dating or married. He has not revealed any information regarding that, so it is uncertain if he has any children.

In his career, nothing much is known as well. But given his father’s success in the entertainment industry, he must have inherited something to set up a business with if he has no career. Given that what Daniel does to earn a living is unknown, it is hard to estimate his net worth, but his father had a net worth of 50 million US dollars at the time of his death.

His Father

Daniel’s father started writing satirical plays while in college. After college, he worked in a mental institution for seven months, a time he treasured as it prepared him for Hollywood. He worked as a substitute teacher for a while and also wrote newspapers until he landed a job as a joke editor at Play Magazine

In the film industry, Daniel’s father co-wrote the Canadian film Meatballs, and it was a success. He made his directorial debut in Caddyshack, a film written by him, Brian Murray, and Douglas Kenney. Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd wrote Ghostbusters, a comedy film that became one of the best; Daniel’s father also starred in the film as Dr. Egon Spengler.

Daniel’s father also co-wrote and starred in the sequel Ghostbusters II in 1989. Harold also wrote and directed Groundhog Day, Analyze This, Bedazzled, Year One, Analyze That, and Club Paradise.

Harold’s Health and Death

Daniel’s father had an infection in 2010 resulting from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis. The complications from the infection led to his loss of ability to walk. Despite the nightmare, Harold learned how to walk again but suffered a relapse of autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis.

Harold died on February 24, 2014, due to complications of vasculitis. Former USA president Barack Obama released a statement upon Daniel Ramis’ father’s death, hoping he rests in eternal peace. His funeral was attended by family members, friends, and some Hollywood stars he worked with, including Eugene Levy, Andrew Alexander, Dan Aykroyd, and Dave Thomas.

He was laid to rest at the Shalom Memorial Park in Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States of America.

Social Media

Danie Hayes Ramis is a person who does not like the public spotlight, and such people keep away from social media platforms. No accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter have been found that are Daniel’s.

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