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Buddy Prine Russell, Personal Life and Net Worth

Buddy Prine Russell

Buddy Prine Russell is just a 1-year-old infant and he is already a celebrity­­. Can you believe it? Well, all thanks to the stardom of his parents that made him a celebrity even before his birth. Wondering who this little infant is?

Well, get into details to know everything about him including his personal life, profession, education, net worth, and other such details.

Personal life:

Born in 2001 to Meredith Hagner and Wyatt Russell, Buddy Prine Russell is an American star kid, who garnered huge public attention during his birth. The exact date and place of his birth are not known. His parents keep updating their IG feeds with his cute pictures and make us go in awe.

Parents & siblings:

Buddy Prine Russell is the son of actor parents. The name of his parents is Meredith Hagner and Wyatt Russell, who both are well-known actors. They got married in 2019. As of now, his parents are very happy together and often seen roaming around with Buddy Prine Russell. Speaking of the professions of his parents, his mother is known for the films Vacation Friends, Search Party, Dummy, and Palm Spring. On the other hand, the renowned works of his father include The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Overlord, 22 Jump Street, and Lodge 49.

If we talk about his siblings, the little kid has no siblings. As of today, he is the only child of his parents.

Buddy Prine Russell is

Education and profession:

What do you expect from a 1-year-old little kid in terms of education and profession? Of course, nothing. Right? Well, the same goes for Buddy Prine Russell. Right now, neither is going to school nor involved in any profession. He is just enjoying his childhood to the fullest. Considering his rich family background, we can say he’ll attend some reputed school to gain top-class education.

Reasons for the popularity:

This goes without saying that the sole reason for the popularity of Buddy Prine Russell is his parents, who have already made a huge name in the American film industry. People were curious to know about him even before his birth. Since the time his mother was pregnant, she became a matter of attention for the media. The couple regularly uploads pictures of their son and has already made him a star.

Net worth of Buddy Prine Russell:

Don’t expect a 1-year-old kid to have a net worth under his name. So, right now, Buddy Prine Russell has no net worth. However, he leads a life like a prince, as both of his parents have earned huge money. As of 2022, his father Wyatt holds a whopping net worth of $4 million, and his mother Meredith has a net worth of around $2 million. Given the fact, Buddy Prine Russell lives a privileged life.


Since Buddy Prine Russell is born in the glitter of the glamour world, he is likely to shine like his parents one day. Today, he is just 1 year old and has already built a great fan following.

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