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Best Approaches to Select a Cloud Based Regression Testing

Best Approaches to Select a Cloud Based Regression Testing

There is a great deal of change in the development of apps. Businesses are releasing new applications, with new versions appearing often. It is a persistent issue for the majority of enterprises. As new versions of programmes add capabilities to your application, it is crucial to swiftly test your app across a growing number of devices to verify that the most recent versions are as error-free as ever. This cutting-edge approach of Oracle Cloud regression testing may help you develop an exceptional user experience across all of your platforms, browsers, OS versions, origin countries, and mobile network providers.

Without proper planning, regression testing may become a significant burden. Careful case selection during regression testing is essential to maintaining effective and manageable test cases.

Principles For Selecting Cloud Based Regression Test Scenarios:

  • Before selecting regression test cases, ensure regression test suite is up-to-date and any extraneous test cases have been removed.

Choose the cases where there have been recent changes to code or functionality to test first. When there have been recent modifications to the code or functionality of an application, testers should prioritise those test cases. In some contexts, problems are more likely to occur. It is essential to describe the development of tested features in test case documentation so that it may be used to identify regression suite candidates.

  • Select test scenarios that match to the demands of the organisation.

The functionalities of the application must be tested to ensure that they work as anticipated in compliance with the client’s software requirements.

  • Choose test cases that concentrate on the visible user interface components.

Imagine you have access to an online “School Management” application. Several distinct components may comprise the total. Suppose one of the application’s modules has a mistake in the logo design. This is an issue.

The issue is not very serious, yet it is significant to the user. The test cases must be selected from the places visible to the user.

  • When the data in module 1 is modified, the data in module 2 are no longer updated.

This may be due to interface integration issues that prohibit module 1 data from being sent to module 2. Such integration problems should be examined by testers. During regression testing, it is important to choose all of these integration test cases.

  • Select all challenging testing situations

Software testing is becoming more complicated. When executing complex test cases, the application often crashes or degrades in performance. This is possibly a significant issue.

To ensure the quality of software, testers must use a range of testing strategies. Testers must guarantee that all tough test cases are covered in the regression testing suite.

  • Select test cases based on their significance and the impact issue solutions will have.

Nonetheless, if the severity and extent of the issues to be corrected are moderate, the tester may choose to concentrate on just the most crucial test cases for the impacted features.

If the severity and impact of bug fixes is high, the tester must choose all test cases from the high, medium, and low priority levels.

  • Choose a variety of test outcomes, including both passing and failing scores.

The tester must pick a subset of previously passed or failed test cases for regression testing. The term “failed test case” refers to a situation in which the test could not be finished for reasons unrelated to the application’s real operation. Some portions of a programme are more fragile than others; as a consequence, they often fail when even a little piece of code is altered.


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