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Career prospects with e-commerce training


E-commerce plays a very important role in our lives and this sector has grown rapidly after the COVID-19 lockdown. Online shopping had become a necessity when brick-and-mortar stores were closed temporarily for health and safety reasons. While e-commerce was already big with names like Amazon, eBay and others dominating the market, this time gave people a better understating of how convenient and useful online shopping is.

According to Morgan Stanley, e-commerce is growing at a phenomenal rate and is expected to reach market revenue of $5.4 trillion by 2026. As businesses invest in e-commerce, it’s a great time to think of a career in this sector by enrolling in an e-commerce training course. Here are some career prospects you can consider in this industry.

E-commerce Web Developer 

When you shop with an online store, you interact with the website which makes the job of an e-commerce web developer very important. The website should be appealing and functional, allowing the customer to easily navigate and have a good online shopping experience. If the website happens to be slow, cluttered or confusing then the business will lose out on customers.

An e-commerce web developer is required to design an appealing website which is good in terms of appearance and is well functional. For this job role, you would require training in web development as well as an understanding of HTML, JavaScript and more.

E-commerce Project Manager

Being a project manager is a job role that requires leadership and as an e-commerce manager, you will be required to supervise your team and assign them roles that match their skills. You will also oversee all projects to ensure that things are running smoothly and you will often be a point of contact for the team and the client.

Along with measuring progress, an e-commerce project manager is also required to interact with customers to know their feedback. To qualify for this job role, you need a relevant degree, work experience and soft skills such as communication skills, organizational skills and more.

E-commerce Customer Service Representative

E-commerce is a very customer-oriented business which means that you have to ensure that the customer has a good experience – they are satisfied with your product and their complaints and inquiries have been resolved. It is the job of the customer service representative to ensure that and along with helping customers with their issues, you will also be required to communicate with the client on a daily basis.

To effectively perform the job responsibilities of this job role, you have to be a people person, have good communication skills, be well organized and have quick thinking.

These are just some of the many job roles that you can avail in the e-commerce field. This sector is rapidly growing and has emerging markets globally. According to IT Briefcase, it is currently one of the biggest business sectors and you will find many opportunities in this field. Also, with the growing usage of smartphones and the increasing relevance of shopping online, e-commerce is expected to reach greater heights in the future. This means that along with well-paying jobs, you will also get to enjoy stability in this field.

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