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How to Choose the Best Grand Opening Flowers for a Successful Grand Opening

How to Choose the Best Grand Opening Flowers for a Successful Grand Opening 1

Flowers can brighten and make any occasion special. If you plan a grand opening for your business, an attractive flower arrangement can make the event more beautiful and memorable.

Organising a grand opening activity can encourage potential customers to your store. A flower stand is a great way to inform people about the ongoing celebration. However, the perfect flower arrangement is about something other than putting random flowers together.

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How to Choose the Best Grand Opening Flowers for a Successful Grand Opening

What flowers are perfect for grand opening flower arrangements?

There are several flowers that you can choose from your flower arrangement. However, the five flower types are the best because of their symbolism. These are roses, hydrangeas, gerbera daisies, orchids, and lilies.


Roses are versatile flowers to add to your arrangement, symbolising love and romance. They also come in different colours that easily match the overall theme of your grand opening.


Hydrangeas are flowers that convey the message of happiness and loyalty. This flower comes in vibrant, pleasing, eye-catching colours, which can surely attract new customers.


Lilies are beautiful flowers that produce a calming scent that can please your guests. A flower arrangement can become more sophisticated and elegant when you add lilies. Lilies come in several varieties and colours.


Orchids are also another excellent option to add to any flower arrangement. Orchids are unique because they come in different colour patterns, sizes, and shapes. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Orchids in a flower arrangement symbolise good luck for the business, its continuing success, and future endeavours.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies can stay fresh longer compared to most flowers. Hence, perfect for your grand opening flower arrangement. Gerbera daisies come in various colours that can easily mix with other flowers. They are also warm to look at and express positivity to customers.

Flower Colors and their Symbolism

You should choose the appropriate colour for your flower arrangement, which has a particular symbolism. Here are the common flower colours used for grand opening flower arrangements and their symbolisms:

Flower Color Symbolism
Red Passion and love

To show admiration for someone

White Purity and innocence

(Sunflower, Gerbera, Tulips, Yellow Rose, and Marigold)

Joy, happiness, and best wishes

To celebrate achievements and new beginnings


(Orchid, Gerbera, Pink Rose, and Anthurium)

Respect, appreciation, and gratitude

To foster a jolly celebration


(Daisy, Mums, Marigold, and Gerbera)

Purity, sincerity, and innocence

To express sincere wishes

Tips on How to Choose the Best Grand Opening Flowers

1.   Choose a Theme or Color Scheme

Your decorations, from the balloons, wall decors, and flowers, should come together to form a theme. Your grand opening would look more attractive if everything looked good.

Even if you display a very expensive flower arrangement that doesn’t match the theme of your grand opening, the flowers will stand out like a sore thumb.

2.   Availability of Flowers

You may ask your florist to use flowers available in season. In-season flowers are surely fresh and in abundance.

Not all types of flowers bloom all year round. Using readily abundant flowers is reasonably priced as compared to getting off-season flowers.

3.   Proper Timing

Timing is crucial because fresh flowers last only a few days until they wilt. A good florist is good at estimating when to order your flowers to ensure they look fresh and hydrated when delivered.

4.   Budget

Fresh flowers don’t come cheap. Thus, you need to determine the budget that works for you since the price of a flower arrangement would depend on the type of flower to use and the quantity.

Flowers can make your grand opening special. However, it would be best to avoid overspending; setting up a budget will help.

5.   Find a Credible Florist

When planning your grand opening, hiring a credible florist to make flowers would be beneficial, you will surely have a lot on your plate and picking out a bunch of flowers from the flower market can take a chunk of your time.

Hiring a credible florist spares you all the trouble. They are professionals who know the best flowers for your grand opening. They can get the flowers fresh and will be able to deliver your flowers on time for your grand opening.


Your grand opening is fast approaching. There are so many things that need your immediate attention. However, seeing everything you worked hard for together makes it all the more worth it.

Even so, a beautiful flower arrangement for a grand opening can help lessen your anxiety and help calm your nerves to entertain your guests well. Choosing the best flowers for your grand opening is not simply randomly picking flowers from your background.

Flowers have meanings. Choose aesthetically pleasing flowers that symbolise prosperity, warm greetings, respect, and success. Hiring a credible florist to create your grand opening flowers is an excellent idea and would spare you so much trouble and hassle.

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