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Know Anna Pearl Cosby, Bill Cosby’s Mother

Anna Pearl Cosby

Anna Peral Cosby was born on October 14, 1912, in Brunswick County, Virginia, USA, and she was recognized for being the mother of Bill Cosby. Anna Pearl was a maid while her husband was a mess steward in the US Navy. Anna Pearl had four sons, and Bill Cosby was one of them.

Anna Pearl Cosby’s Son, Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby was born on June 12, 1937, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and he was the son of Anna Pearl Cosby, and Willian Henry Cosby Sr. Bill attended school in Mary Channing Wister Public School in Philadelphia, and he was the class president and the captain of baseball and track and field teams in the school.

Cosby was called the class clown by teachers after noticing he loved to joke a lot instead of learning. Cosby continued to participate in sports and play acts in junior high school. Cosby went to Central High School in Philadelphia and continued to play football, basketball, and baseball. He failed in tenth grade, and in 1956, he was enlisted in the Navy.

Cosby continued serving in the Navy until 1960. At that time, he did not stop learning because he undertook other courses equivalent to a high school diploma. In 1961, Cosby was awarded a track and field scholarship to Temple University. Cosby studied physical science at the university while he played track and field and full back on the university football team.

Bill Cosby started bartending in a club in Philadelphia and started earning tips for making customers laugh. Cosby started performing on stage, eventually leaving the university to pursue his love for comedy.

Comedy Career of Bill Cosby

Cosby started his comedy in clubs when he lined up for jobs in Philadelphia and New York city clubs. He later booked dates in various cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, and San Francisco. He was exposed to the Tonight Show on NBC in 1963, leading to his signing a contract with Warner Bros Records.

Personal Life of Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby was married to his wife Camille Hanks, and they gave birth to five children. Out of the five children, they were blessed with one son, Ennis. Unfortunately, Ennis was murdered in January 1997 when he changed a flat tire on the Interstate 405 roadside. Cosby’s daughter also died on February 2018 of renal disease in February 2018 when she was waiting for a kidney transplant.

Is Bill Cosby a Sexual Assault?

Several women have accused the stand-up comedian from America of sexual assault. In 2018, the comedian was convicted of aggravated indecent assault, but a Supreme court later dropped the convictions of Pennsylvania for violating his constitutional rights.

Approximately 60 women have accused Cosby of rape, child sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, and drug-facilitated sexual assault. The first case of sexual assault happened in the 1960s. When Cosby became a stand-up comedy, the allegations became many.

When Bill Cosby was asked about the allegations in interviews, he maintained he is innocent and denied the allegations against him.

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