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Why It’s Time to Remodel Your Outdated Swimming Pool

Why It’s Time to Remodel Your Outdated Swimming Pool

Ahoy there! What’s up with your pool son?” your nosy neighbor yells across the backyard fence. You turn and grimace at your swimming pool. Yep, it’s past its best. In the spirit of good neighborly relations, you tell them a remodel is on the cards. At least you’re in a great mood today. Otherwise, you would have given them an earful! Oh well.

Well then, why should you consider swimming pool remodeling? How long before your outdated pool starts being the last place your family or friends want to take a dip? It can be tough to say, but when you look at the facts, you might as well bite the bullet. Here’s why it’s time to give your pool a much-needed makeover.

1. Safety is a Concern

You saw in the news that someone’s child drowned in their pool. The pool in question looked almost similar to yours. This gives you pause and you wonder, “what if my son or daughter is the next victim?” It’s time to face facts – your pool needs an upgrade in safety features.

When you installed it, your children weren’t in the picture. And now that the kids are here, you don’t want to be caught with a pool that isn’t up to safety standards. Remodeling it can give it safety features and let you rest easy. For instance, including a smart fence, safety cover, alarm, safety ledges, and lighting can go a long way to make your pool safer.

2. To Safeguard Your Investment

Sometimes, we all need some TLC to help us look and feel our best. Why should your pool be any different? As time passes, your pool’s equipment needs to keep up with the latest technology to perform optimally. A poorly maintained pool usually impacts efficiency and leads to water loss. Plus, it could also lead to serious health concerns due to algae or other pollutants.

Let’s put it this way, your outdated swimming pool is like having an old rickety car in your driveway that you never take anywhere. You can spruce it up, but if you do not carefully maintain it, it might soon become a junk heap.

Besides, who fancies diving into a pool that resembles an ancient ruin? Nobody, that’s who! You can give your pool a makeover with a fresh coat of paint and updated fixtures. That way, you can bring it back to life and help it retain its value for years. So, if you want to enhance your summertime vibes, call a remodeling pro to freshen up your pool.

3. Your Pool Costs are Driving You Nuts

Consider a remodel if your pool’s energy bills are driving you up the wall. Gone are the days when pool pumps hogged all the energy. A modern pool pump and electrical components like filters are more efficient. Investing in a remodel could make your pool eco-friendlier and reduce your energy costs. As a result, you won’t fret the next time your energy bill arrives. And, you can swim or relax poolside without guilt or worry.

That said, you don’t have to go all out with the remodel. Depending on your budget, you can customize your pool’s features one by one. Before you know it, you have a modern, efficient pool that’s the envy of your neighborhood. Out with the tired, money-guzzling pool and in with the new, energy-saving one.

4. You’re an Entertainment Aficionado

Your pool – or rather, your old pool – can’t be the life of the party. If you want to throw wild bashes, you need a pool that stands out. Consider giving it an aesthetic makeover with modern features your guests will love.

These may include a swim-up bar, nifty lights, a rock waterfall, fire elements, a pergola – you name it. You may not want to keep up with the Joneses, but boy oh boy, does it feel good to have a pool that’s the talk of the town.

You can take your shindigs up a notch by incorporating such neat elements into your pool’s design. We get it; you love entertaining and making your guests feel like royalty. But then, a dilapidated pool doesn’t offer much in the way of charm, no?

Ditch the old look and get with the times. Remodeling your pool will allow you to relax and entertain without feeling embarrassed. Ready for change? Go ahead – give your outdated swimming pool the attention it deserves before that neighbor reports you for swimming in a crime scene – a pool that doesn’t meet safety standards. Who said it’s too late to get with the program?

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