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What to Wear to an Indian Wedding and What Not to Wear?

Wear to an Indian Wedding

It would be best if you unquestionably accepted the culture. Traditional attire, such as saris or lehengas for ladies and long-sleeved tunics and slacks for men, also known as Shaadi ka sherwani, are among the greatest things you can wear to a Hindu wedding. Look for vibrant colors and embroidered details because these outfits will be as dazzling as the wedding. This attire ought to be striking. Now, women’s wedding wear is commonly discussed, however, men’s is not.

General Tips to Keep in Mind When Styling Outfits for Indian Weddings:

The color you choose for your Indian wedding guest outfit is crucial. Wearing color is, without a doubt, the most important component of the Indian wedding dress code. No matter the venue or the season, a wedding in India is always in style with bright, celebratory colors. During the day, stick to pastels and jewel tones at night. Sherwani for groom for marriage should never be overpowered.

Except for black, guests may wear any other color. You should avoid wearing it at an Indian wedding. Visitors are urged to become familiar with Indian fashion jargon before shopping. It’s crucial to remember that traditional attire is only sometimes required. Alternative apparel can also be fine, but guests should always check the couple’s invite or wedding website for specific dress code requirements. Any outfit you would wear to a Western wedding is appropriate if you don’t feel confident wearing traditional Indian clothing. However, given the extraordinary chance to experience culture in its most subtle form, visitors ought to think about donning conventional Indian wedding dress if they feel at ease doing so.

Indian Wedding Guest Attire For Men:

When choosing an Indian men’s dress for a wedding, there is no absolute rule. The wedding party is typically more elaborately attired than the guests in Indian culture. Buttons are used to create a contrast in the long coat-like clothing known as a sherwani. Churidars, sometimes called loose pants, have their ankles tightly gathered. Sherwani Shaadi wear can also be worn by the guests but make sure it does not overpower the wedding sherwani for groom.

Keeping that in mind, one must choose their outfit carefully not to overpower the bride and groom. Some outfits that Indian men can wear as weddings guests are:

Kurta pajama:

Kurta pajamas are a versatile and comfortable outfit when it comes to wedding outfits. This pair can be styled effortlessly and can be worn on multiple occasions as well. Pick a silk kurta pajama or jacquard kurta pajama to create a royal and elegant look. Pair it with the right accessories and footwear, and you are ready.

Nehru jackets:

Nehru jackets have been in style for the longest time possible and look extremely classy when styled well. This statement piece is perfect if you try to dress semi-formal for the occasion. You can style a Nehru jacket with a kurta pajama for a classy look.

Pathani suit:

Pathani suits, originally from parts of Punjab and Afghanistan, are a great choice if you attend a wedding as a guest. This ensemble is quite comfortable and will go with any theme effortlessly. By donning a Pathani suit, you can also pay homage to the cultural roots of India.

Wedding Guest’s do’s and don’ts:


  1. Choose the right footwear and accessories.
  2. Choose colors and embroidery as per the theme of the wedding.
  3. Wear a sober outfit that does not attract a lot of attention.


  • Don’t dress up too much to the point where you overpower the bride and the groom.
  • Don’t wear outfits that are too flashy or show too much of your skin.
  • Avoid indulging in crazy prints.

Final Words:

Shopping for wedding outfits is often quite easy. However, if you are looking for interesting options and prefer purchasing online, explore online reliable shopping sites. With over a hundred options, you can find men’s outfit of your dreams. Moreover, many online stores also offer worldwide shipping at minimal rates, along with alteration services.

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