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What are the best places to be covered in the city of Kaziranga?

city of Kaziranga

Kaziranga National Park is situated in the north-east state of Assam India and is a very important World Heritage Site well known across the globe for its significant population of the one-horned rhinoceros. This city has been very well spanning across the floodplains of Brahmaputra River and the grasslands as well as forests associated with it very well help in creating a very beautiful biodiversity ecosystem.

This place was established in 1908 and covers approximately four 30 km² of the area which makes it a very important place due to the significant variety of wildlife including elephants, buffalo, deer, and many other options. So, planning a visit to this place is worth it especially if you are a wildlife lover and further booking your room in the resorts in Kaziranga will be worth it so that you can spend the best time of your life in the lap of nature. Following are the most important places to be visited in this city on your trip:

  1. Kaziranga National Park: This place is very well a protected area in the northeast state of Assam and was declared a Tiger reserve in the year 2006. This place comes with a significant breeding population of elephants, deer, and many other animals, and this place has been very well recognized as an important bird area by BirdLife Internationalfor the conservation of avifaunal species. Planning a visit to this place is worth it because it has been designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO for its unique natural environment and the entire area very well helps in exemplifying the ongoing ecological and biological processes. This place is a very beautiful biodiversity hotspot and basically, this landscape is a beautiful mix of dense tropical broad-leaf forests which have been interred with numerous small water bodies which ultimately help in improving the overall natural beauty.
  2. Going for the jeep safari tour: Another very important and beautiful activity you can carry out in this particular area is the jeep safari tour because this will be a very beautiful experience in itself to explore the extensive biodiversity of the park. Professional guides will be there to accompany you in terms of providing you with insightful commentary on the park and conservation-related things so that everybody can have the perfect time over here without any problem. The vehicles in this case have been very well defined to ensure that there will be minimal disturbance to the wildlife and the jeep safari will provide you with a very broad coverage of the park so that you can witness everything but at a safe distance. This activity comes with a very optimum combination of adventure, and wildlife photography opportunity along with research on education and conservation.
  3. Elephant Safari Tourism: This is another very iconic activity that you can carry out in this particular case because the elephant safari will be significantly worth it. Planning to go for the early morning ride is a very good idea because it has been done by skilled people who will be providing you with a very intimate encounter with the wildlife. This place is a biodiversity hotspot and has been very well designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO which makes it worth visiting.
  4. Kaziranga elephant festival tourism: This particular festival is very well celebrated in the Kaziranga area of Assam and the festival is very well aiming to highlight the significance and majesty of the elephants which will promote their conservation and will also successfully raise awareness about the magnificent beasts. During this festival, every visitor will be able to witness the delightful parade of decorated elephants with traditional dance and music invoking the cultural spirit of Assam. Additionally, there are many events including the elephant race, sports, and other performances that will showcase the bond between elephants and their caretakers. This festival plays a very modern role in emphasizing the importance of wildlife conservation along with the requirement of maintaining the natural habitat very successfully. This is a very integral component of the identity of the region along with the maintenance of the ecological balance very successfully.
  5. Orchid and biodiversity Park tourism: This is one of the most important ecological and tourist hubs associated with the Kaziranga area which makes it worth visiting. This place is the celebration of the natural heritage of Assam which further helps in including multiple varieties of flora and fauna along with the orchid conservatory. Educational greenhouses including the ethnic cultural village are also a component of the attractions of the park which further help in providing people with significant insight into the lifestyles of the inhibits. Visitors can even go enjoy traditional dance performances with sample local food items at the on-site restaurant so that everyone will be able to embrace the beauty of the stunning landscapes without any problem. The rich cultural offerings in this particular case provide people with a good number of benefits and everyone will be able to capture the essence of the natural duty of Assam very successfully.
  6. Planning a visit to the tea gardens: Another very important activity you can carry out when in Assam is to plan a visit to the tea gardens because greenery in this case will be worth visiting. In this case, you will be able to enjoy the best possible accessibility to a very pure atmosphere which will help justify the simplicity and beauty of life in rural India. This garden very well helps in serving as a habitat to a diverse variety of birds which ultimately is a bonus for the birdwatchers. The proximity to the Kaziranga makes it worth visiting so that everyone will be able to enjoy a lot and further you will be able to enjoy easy access to the natural and cultivated landscapes which makes it worth visiting.

So, if you are very much interested in having a very unique trip for this year then definitely planning a visit and staying in resorts in Kaziranga is worth it so that things will be very well sorted out. In this case, you will be having the perfect experience of your lifetime in the lap of nature and the beauty of Assam.

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