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Who Are Valentina Fornaro Galliano’s Parents

Valentina Fornaro Galliano

Valentina Fornaro Galliano is the celebrity daughter of actress Cecilia Galliano, and the tremendous beauty she has inherited from her mother has made her a celebrity. Despite her mother encouraging her to stay away from the limelight, she has earned a huge following on social media platforms.

Valentina Fornaro was born to her mother when she was dating an Italian model Silvio Fornaro. The relationship failed later, but the couple was glad o have their daughter, who they adored very much.

According to reports, Valentina went to a naval school in the United States, where she currently spends time. Because of her great beauty, she has established herself as a prominent influencer in the digital world.

The upcoming model has tried to keep a low profile away from the limelight, but her great beauty and charisma have positioned her in the limelight.

Valentina Fornaro’s Mother

Cecilia Galliano is an Argentine actress and model who has also established herself as a television presenter. The beautiful actress, born on march 5, 1981, has established her modeling career in Mexico ad ventured into related roles.

Cecilia started working when she was sixteen and started as a waitress and model in a restaurant in Obelisk. When she turned nineteen, she went to Mexico and started working with Enrique Covarrubias as his model for his campaign that year.

Cecilia ventured into filmography in 2007, and later she was the presenter for Sabadazo. Cecilia has grown her career mostly in Mexico despite being from Argentine. She had a son with a Mexican and spent more than two decades in the country, but she has never asked to change her nationality.

Is Valentina’s Mother Married?

Valentina’s mother was married twice, but it seems she ended up getting a divorce. She is a proud mother of two children, Valentina and her brother Santiago, but she seems focused on growing her career.

Silvio Fornaro is one of Cecilia’s partners, although it is unclear when they dated. But, as a result of the relationship, with the Italian model, they had a daughter Valentina Fornaro who netizens have praised for taking after her mother.

Valentina’s mother also married Sebastian Rulli between 2008 and 2011, and during their relationship, they welcomed their son, Santiago. Like Cecilia, Sebastian is also born in Argentine, but he has built most of his acting career in Mexico. As a result, the actor and model have two citizenships.

After Valentina’s mother divorced Sebastian, Sebastian found love again and started dating Angelique Boyer. Boyer and Sebastian have been together since 2014, but they have not announced the welcoming of a child.

On the other hand, Cecilia met Mark Tacher and dated for three years before quitting. The duo was in a relationship between 2011 to 2014. Unfortunately, the actress seems not to be in an active relationship currently.

Despite being dormant in the romantic sector, Cecilia has continued to grow her career as a model, actress, and television presenter. She loves spending time with her children when she is away from work.

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