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Sydney Business Advice: How to Impress This Quarter—2023 Edition

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Feeling the heat of being part of a competitive industry? We have the tips you need to make your mark and confirm that you’re the brand in Sydney to take note of this year—this season.

Strategies vary, so pick what suits your goals. Will you use high-quality uniforms such as hospitality uniforms or medical scrubs to help your staff look their best, ensuring a professional and cohesive appearance that inspires confidence and respect. Or will you focus on your online presence? It all matters in the end!

ASK—Don’t Wait—for Referrals

To impress the industry, you need more exposure. However, most of us feel too embarrassed to request a good review or ask to be introduced to new clients—or an important business contact. In truth, asking for a referral happens often in the modern business environment, so you’re hampering your company’s growth by being too polite.

Firstly, a happy customer will be too happy to tell others about your excellent service. However, they may not do so if they’re unsure if you can take on more work. So, ask them to please tell their friends. It’s also beneficial to have a referral program to prompt more business, such as offering incentives to those passing on your details to their network.

Furthermore, ask your suppliers and others in your business network to mention your brand where they go, so you can engage with others in your industry. Once again, if they have faith in you they’ll be happy to. They may benefit from connecting reputable brands with each other if it carries advantages for everyone involved. Perhaps you can launch a project together in future, sharing costs and responsibilities.

Rework Your Website and Online Profiles

It’s only getting more difficult to stand out from the crowd with your digital marketing strategy, so it’s always time well spent to review your website’s pages. With many people spending hours on social media each week, also make sure you impress on those platforms.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Is the information relevant to your audience’s current needs?
  • Can VR product demos help you impress visitors now that this technology is easy to implement online and via smartphones?
  • When comparing yourself to a competitor, who would you pick and what can you change to trump other brands?
  • Do visitors have a positive user experience?

Everything from having an intuitive website layout to images’ loading time will matter to a visitor. If you disappoint, they’ll click away.

Focus on What Sets You Apart

Now, while reviewing your website and social media descriptions, what exactly will make people pick you above another brand?

People in today’s society want to know they’re getting or making use of the ‘latest and greatest’. So, if you can pinpoint and highlight what sets you apart from the crowd, that becomes a selling point.

Clients want to be able to say they’re using a vendor with the latest high-tech equipment or a company that specialises in a specific niche of your industry. Or perhaps you were a speaker at a recent event? Share this information online, so you can prove your expertise, helping people feel safe in choosing you as their service provider.

Improve Your Brand and Team Impact in the Local Community

While the modern business environment requires a lot of work online, you can never ignore how your team members are impacting people they encounter in person every day.

Have you considered the following?

  • Modern consumers often want to support brands with similar value systems than their own. For example, prove you support sustainable supply chains so people who are passionate about eco-friendly lifestyles will feel comfortable using you as their vendor of choice.
  • Clients remember face-to-face interactions with company representatives, so how can you improve the first impression your workers make? This is the reason for branding corporate uniforms Sydney employees wear on your premises and especially when off site. You’re creating a professional look but you’re also making sure that good memories get associated with your brand logo and colours.
  • It’s easy to say the words but also prove your values by partaking in local events. Despite many people going online for information and vetting companies, seeing you actively involved in your community still carries weight when people make up their minds about whether they want to support your brand.

Trust is essential in creating loyal customers, and showing people who is behind the name and the logo is an effective strategy in building that trust.

Final Words

Don’t feel overwhelmed looking at this list! These tips can all help you get ahead, but you don’t have to implement them all at once. Identify your greatest need at the moment and start making a change there. Do you want more online followers or do you need to impress people in your brick and mortar store?

Pick a strategy and share your own tips with your fellow entrepreneurs in our comments section.

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