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6 Interesting Reasons to Consider Eating Less Meat

6 Interesting Reasons to Consider Eating Less Meat

When you explore criteria for setting up a new eating plan as part of a healthier lifestyle, one aspect that resonates across many of them is eating less meat. Whether you agree with these types of eating plans, one thing is certain, there are a bunch of interesting reasons why reducing your red meat intake is a decision to consider.

One of the easiest ways to reduce your meat intake is to opt for the meal delivery Melbourne health enthusiasts rely on for quick and healthy meals. It’s a simple way to have healthy, meat-free meals delivered right to your door. But what are the benefits of eating less meat?

Eating Less Red Meat—A Wise Choice All-Around

Simply put, eating less red meat is beneficial to your health and the general well-being of the planet. While you may not see yourself quitting meat altogether, even making a few small changes will have a considerable impact on your health and go a long way toward reducing your carbon footprint. Consider these statements.

1.      It’s Better for Your Heart Health

You’ve undoubtedly heard this many times, but heart disease is among the top five causes of death in Australia. In fact, statistics show that in 2021, one in 10 deaths were as a result of heart disease. For some people, this can be related to their meat and fat intake.

Reducing your meat intake to a more plant-based eating plan can reduce the effects of too much red meat. This means you’ll be reducing your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and even reduce the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. Even reducing your meat intake to a maximum of three times per week will show significant results.

2.      You’ll Expose Yourself to Healthier—and More Delicious—Recipes

Many people shy away from a plant-based lifestyle because there’s a misconception that vegetarian food tastes like, well, plants. While this is true to an extent, the good news is that trying a variety of different recipes will soon have you finding some new and tasty dishes.

An easy way to get out of having to try and make veggies and vegan dishes appetising is to schedule vegan meal delivery Melbourne residents love so much! Having the meals prepared by expert chefs will expose you to a variety of excellent-tasting new veggie combinations.

3.      Contribute to the Reduction of Animal Cruelty

Research has shown that many meat suppliers rely on factory farms to raise the animals they sell as meat. It’s no secret that these animals are kept in small, confined spaces and force-fed a range of proteins to bulk them up, thereby creating more “meat” per kilogram.

Eating less meat will reduce the need for these types of factory farms. However, if you are going to continue adding the occasional red meat to your diet, be sure to opt for grass-fed, pasture-raised options.

4.      Less Meat Equals Fewer Greenhouses Gases

It’s estimated that animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gas emissions than the local transportation industry. While it’s true that one person reducing their meat intake won’t change that statistic, your personal choice may affect the choices of your family and friends too.

5.      Save the Amazon From Destruction

A little-known fact is that the Amazon rainforest is slowly being destroyed to grow food for cattle. Additionally, the space is being used for grazing. Since rainforests provide the earth with clean oxygen, cutting them down does more harm than good. When we eat less meat, there’s less need of destroying these valuable areas.

6.      You Might Save Money

Whether or not you’ll save money when you change to a more plant-based diet depends entirely on the types of food you’re giving up versus what you’re replacing it with. However, for the most part, Australians who have made the switch have found that they are saving money on their monthly grocery expenses.

The early stages will require experimenting with different vegetables, lentils, rice, oats and even quinoa to find the tastiest combinations. A plus factor here is that many basic vegetarian ingredients can be bought in bulk because they have a long shelf-life.

Start With Small Changes

For many people, making the change from one day to the next can be quite difficult. This is especially the case if you’re used to eating red meat every day or even more than once every day. The trick here is to start with small changes.

One common way to start your “less meat” journey is to embrace the Meatless Mondays movement, where you only eat plant-based foods on Mondays. Another way to reduce your meat consumption is to only eat meat with dinner.

Opt for having fish every second day and experiment with new plant-based dishes weekly to find tasty recipes you can stick to. Use herbs, spices and fruits to add additional flavour.

Final Thoughts

Eliminating or reducing your red meat consumption has many benefits. Not only will you feel better physically but you’ll also be doing your bit for the welfare of the planet and the animals on it.

Remember, the trick is to start small!

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