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Sports Car Rental Tips and Tricks in Dubai for an Exciting Experience

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Renting your dream sports car can make any day great. Also, when going to Dubai on your vacation, renting that fast sports car will make your trip a lot better. These are expensive machines that cost highly to rent as well. Whether you rent McLaren in Dubai, a Ferrari, or a muscle car, there will be a high price to pay. However, renting some sports cars can save you money in the city.

In addition to renting your dream sports car for cheaper prices, other aspects change the overall experience. Doorstep delivery and collection services should come as standard. Some many other tips and tricks can make your sports car rental experience so much better. Read through to find out more:

Book Your Sports Car Rental Service Early

Trips and tours often get planned well in advance. You have the perfect opportunity to book your rental car in advance as well. Booking your rental car early will do two things:

  • Early car rental booking will get you cheaper rental prices. Your selected rental company will have the required time to arrange the car and offer it at a cheaper price.
  • Booking your car rental early will guarantee availability no matter how busy it gets. Peak tourism season gets pretty busy in Dubai. You can avoid inconvenience by booking early.

So, book your rental car early to avoid inconvenience. Also, it will provide the opportunity to make your sports car dream come true. You will not have to compromise for a second-choice car at all.

Rent a Couple of Years’ Older Models of Sports Cars

Renting the latest sports cars is always very expensive. However, one way you can save big on your favorite sports car hire services is to rent a couple of years older model. Rental companies often lease their cars. This lease agreement is cleared within a couple of years.

So, when you rent cars from a few years older models, rental companies will provide cheaper discounts. In fact, you will be able to save more than 50% by renting only a few years older models. Also, many cars don’t get upgraded too much within a couple of years as well. So, you will not be missing out on much.

You Can Rent Just About Any Sports Car in Dubai

Dubai is a supercar and sports car hotspot. Availability of the world’s best cars is one of the biggest reasons for the city to be so popular for international tourism. Everyone can make their sports car dream come true in the city at any time of the year.

Quite simply, whatever car you crave the most, will be available in Dubai. From McLaren Senna and 720s to Ford Mustang and everything in between. You can rent pretty much any car you have always wanted to enjoy. Keeping this in mind, you never have to compromise on your first-choice car at all. So, if rent a McLaren in Dubai is what you want, go for it.

Some Sports Cars Are Available Cheaper Than Others

Another interesting fact is that some sports cars are available for cheaper rental prices than others. The likes of the Ford Mustang, and Chevy Corvette will always be cheaper than the likes of the Ferrari SF90 or McLaren Senna. So, the obvious reason behind this is the cost to own these cars.

European sports cars in general are more expensive than American muscle cars. This is important to keep in mind when renting sports cars in Dubai. Every bit of money you can save while on vacation in the city will make room for other activities.

Ask for Mileage Limits and Follow Them

One of the most important things not many people realizes is mileage limits. Almost all car rental companies have mileage limits applied to all of their cars. This limit is usually anywhere from 250 to 300 kilometers per day. Going beyond this limit will incur additional costs.

Also, the additional costs you need to pay are quite bank-breaking. So, it is always advised to find out this mileage limit and stay within it. Doing so will make your sports car rental experience more exciting.

Don’t Go for Rental Contract Extensions

Another mistake many people make when renting sports cars is they ask for contract extensions. Tourists often extend their stay in Dubai to enjoy for a longer period. It is natural to ask for a car rental contract extension in these situations.

However, asking for a car rental contract extension will cost highly. The following days will not be charged as your original rental price. Often, you are better off returning the car and then hiring again.

Renting Sports Cars for More Days Is Cheaper

A less commonly known fact is that renting sports cars (or any cars) for more days is cheaper. You get cheaper per-day prices when renting for a higher number of days. So, when you plan to stay in Dubai for longer, rent a sports car for your entire stay in the city rather than hiring in bits when traveling only.

Sign the longer contract to get cheaper per-day prices. This will help save money and also guarantee the availability of your first-choice car for your entire vacation. Ask for McLaren rental price in Dubai or any other sports car rental price. Make your decision based on all factors including pricing for a longer rental contract.

Have Fun but Within the Speed Limits

Sports cars are fun machines designed to drive fast. However, when driving on public roads or city streets, speed limits must be observed. Those speed limits are imposed for a reason. They are imposed after testing and data collection. Staying within those speed limits will reduce the chances of accidents.

These sports cars will encourage you to drive fast. But, the only place to drive too fast is the track. Never exceed speed limits while on public roads or city streets. Keep safe and think about your safety and that of others. Drive safe and also know that the age limit for hiring sports cars in Dubai is usually 25 years.

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