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7 Party Theme Ideas for Hosting the Best Night

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We’ve all been to a party that fell flat, full of forced small talk and awkward silence. The type of party that you’re relieved to leave. It is precisely the type of party you want to avoid when hosting. But how can you ensure your guests will rave about how much fun they had?

Aside from inviting a dynamic group of people, one of the best things you can do is set an exciting party theme. This article shares seven party theme ideas for hosting the best night.

1)   Board games

It is a simple yet brilliant option, especially for large groups. You can play some of the best board games, such as Monopoly, Cluedo, or Catan. Not only are board games fun, but they also get you to use your brain and work on your problem-solving skills.

2)   Online gaming

Are you a fan of video games? Well, shout out to your friends and dive into the imaginary world. You can even organise an online party and include friends who live far away. Just don’t forget to use a VPN for gaming. It will hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic, protecting you from DDoS attacks and ISP bandwidth throttling.

3)   Mystery dinner

Assign each party guest a certain role and work together to figure out the mystery of the evening. There could be a killer on the loose, a mole within your establishment, or even a secret kept from others.

Think Murder Mystery and Glass Onion, a thrilling adventure for all, accompanied by a tasteful menu for the evening.

4)   Beach party

Set up the mood with some classic beach boy tunes. Decorate the venue with seashells and coconuts. Serve platters of delicious seafood. A beach party will go well with your guests, especially after a few homemade pina coladas!

5)   Come dine with me

Invite your guests for an evening of fine dining. Plan out a sumptuous three-course meal, doing your best to impress. And organise some exciting entertainment. If it goes well, you can take turns hosting, like in a TV show. But it might be best to leave out the ratings and the clash of personalities!

6)   Paint and pass

Buy some canvases, paints, and brushes. Pass the canvasses around your guests, painting anything that comes to mind. Have everyone paint for five minutes and pass around the canvasses. Repeat until everyone has added to each canvas. The results will amaze you.

7)   Dress to impress

Set a special theme and see what marvellous costumes your guests choose. You can select outfits to revolve around a certain colour, period of time, or film genre. And to make things more exciting, consider giving out prizes for the best and worst costumes.

Which of these party themes will help you host the best night?

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