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 Get to Know Sharon Anne Shelby, Carrol Shelby’s Daughter


Sharon Anne Shelby was born on September 27, 1944, as the first child of Carrol Shelby and his first wife, Jean Harrison. Sharon Anne Shelby’s father, Carrol Shelby, was a man of many interests, and he became famous for being a car racer. Unfortunately, he had a heart condition and had to retire early from racing.

But for his love for car racing, Carrol Shelby retired with good money, and he used the money to open several companies, including a car manufacturing company that was involved in car racing. Let’s find out more about Sharon Anne Shelby’s father.

Sharon Anne Shelby’s Siblings

Sharon Anne Shelby was the only daughter and the eldest n the family, and she was a proud sister of two brothers. Michael Hall Shelby, born in November 1946, was the second born in the family, and Patrick Shelby was the last born a year after Patrick.

Sharon Anne Shelby’s mother was their father’s first wife and remained married to Carrol Shelby for around ten years. During the years, they had three children before the couple went their separate ways. But Shelby continued caring for his children even after divorcing his first wife.

Sharon Anne Shelby’s Father

Carrol Shelby was born on January 11, 1923, in Leesburg, Texas, USA, where he grew up as an automotive designer and racing driver. Moreover, Carrol Shelby was a recognized entrepreneur and popular for establishing AC Cobra and Shelby Mustangs performance cars.

When Sharon Anne Shelby’s father was a child, he had multiple heart problems, making him spend most of his time in bed. Even though his childhood was challenging, he graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1940.

Carrol Shelby was enlisted in the US Army Air Corps during the second world war, started as a flight instructor and test pilot, and rose to staff sergeant.

Career or Carrol Shelby

Carrol Shelby started his racing career in the 50s by borrowing sports cars and competing in racing events. He was gaining skills in becoming a racer, and it enabled him to get an opportunity to drive for the Aston Martin Maserati and Formula One Team.

Carrol Shelby appeared in several racing events, and in 1959 he won the Le Mans race and USAC Championships in 1960. His heart condition would not allow him to remain racing for long, and he retired later in 1960.

Carrol Shelby gained much money from his racing, enabling him to open his first organization, the Shelby Scholl of High-Performance Driving, in 1961. The racer also formed Shelby American Inc, a company focused on manufacturing performance cars and related products.

Shelby also collaborated with brands like Ford and AC Cobra, enabling him to build his Cobra. Several companies contracted him to manufacture vehicles, enabling him to grow his net worth tremendously.

Was Carrol Shelby Married

Carrol Shelby was a family man, but the marriage never worked for him. He was married seven times in his entire life, and he was in the process of divorcing his last wife when he died from the heart condition he was suffering from. The entrepreneur only sired three children in his first marriage.


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