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Serving Bowls: Know How To Choose The Right Size & Material Of Bowl For Your Meals

Serving Bowls

Bowls have always been the most comfortable serveware in the kitchen and dining table. They bring back the memories of the healthful cuisine your mother prepared for you when you return home on vacations or during the festive season, like Gajjar ka halwa, fruit pudding and whatnot! It adds warmth to the exquisite experience.

Bowls are the ideal examples of elegance. They provide refinement to your food preparations without causing spills. They reflect the host’s persona and can be considered a simple way to break the ice at awkward dinner parties.

Any food can be enhanced and complemented with the right sort of bowl. There are different types, styles and sizes of bowls and selecting the perfect one may be as challenging as selecting the perfect champagne to pair with the meal. Bowls can be used to serve and cook the food. It adds an exclusive appearance and flavour to the dish. Furthermore, eating from a bowl has several health benefits. It induces fullness in your brain, which leads to less food intake. Thus, it becomes even more crucial to understand the kind of bowl to use for each meal.

Serving Meals the Smart Way: Guide to Choose the Correct Bowl Size

From a broader point of view, there are two types of bowls: one type is the bowls, bigger in size, to cook the food, and the other one, smaller in size, to serve individual portions or meals. But there’s more to the story! You pick the right bowl size depending on what you are having for a meal and when.

Breakfast Bowls

Experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Going by that logic, breakfast bowls are important, too! Use them for cereals, stews, noodles, or hot soup. These are standard-size bowls, 6 inches in diameter, and have a good amount of depth!

Soup, Lunch, or Dinner Bowls

You can use this bowl size for curries, stews, or other dishes for lunch or dinner. But how’s that different from a breakfast bowl? A smaller soup or lunch bowl holds more food than a breakfast bowl. Their diameter can be 10 inches.

Pasta Bowls

Contrary to the breakfast or soup bowls, pasta bowls have more radius than depth to serve a good amount of pasta and garnish nicely. You will not have to make much effort to serve or eat the pasta.

Sauce Bowls

We generally don’t eat a lot of sauce with our food; we dip our food in the sauce simply to enhance the flavours. Naturally, you do not need a big bowl like the previous ones. A bowl with a diameter of 5 inches or even less will suffice!

Salad Bowls

Salad bowls tend to be bigger, so you can mix all the beautiful ingredients and ensure they are well-covered in the dressing.

Mixing Bowls

As far as size is concerned, mixing bowls and salad bowls can be similar. The difference is in the use. You can prepare batters as well as serve food in mixing bowls.

Here’s a table to make things easier to remember!

Bowl Type Diameter Interior Diameter Rim Depth
Breakfast Bowls 6 inches 4 inches 1 inch 2 inches
Soup, Lunch, or Dinner Bowls 10 inches 6 inches 1 inch 2 inches
Pasta Bowls 10 inches 8 inches 0.5 inches 1 inch
Sauce Bowls 5 inches 3 inches 0.5 inches 1.5 inches
Salad & Salad Bowls 12 inches 6 inches 0.5 inches 3 inches

Materials Matter: Guide to Choose the Correct Material for Your Bowls

There are many things to consider here, from appetite to aesthetics. Below are some of the top picks in bowls that you can add to your showcase collection.

Glass Bowls

Be it curry or rice, serve it in a glass bowl, immediately making your table look fancy. They are microwave-friendly, and you can heat the food easily. Another great thing is that, unlike aluminium, glass bowls are non-reactive. They will not interfere with the delicious flavours.

Opal Bowls

You will get all the features of a glass bowl in an opal one. It gives a pleasant aesthetic appeal to your table. These are 100% vegetarian, free from animal bone and remains! Furthermore, these bowls are dishwasher and microwave-safe.

Stainless Steel Bowls

Are you searching for an easy-to-use, lightweight, and durable bowl? Go for stainless steel! Cook your food, serve the meals, or store in the freeze; these will be handy.


You have an array of options for all your meals, and this guide has all the information you need to pick the right serving bowls. Once you have found the bowls you want, check out the different colours and patterns they come in and pick something that goes well with the rest of your dinnerware and kitchenware. Remember that with some hand-picked bowls, you can make each meal more exciting.

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