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Risky roads: dangers on Australian highways

dangers on Australian highways

Australia is a massive country with a lot of space between stops. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we have one of the worst road tolls in the western world. Unfortunately, the road toll continues to climb, and so safety has never been more of a concern. Thankfully, modern technology exists to make long-haul driving much safer. But there are many risks on Australian roads, and for these reasons long-haul drivers should invest in quality safety technology:

Poor lighting

Australia’s highways are long. Unfortunately, this also means they are often dimly lit. This means the obligation often falls upon the driver to incorporate safety technology with their vehicle. For example, the best car light bars go a long way to ensuring other drivers can easily spot your vehicle. If you regularly travel down the country’s poorly lit highways, ensure that your vehicle is equipped with high-visibility lighting!


For many people, the temptation to speed when alone on a long stretch is all too much. They pick up the pace without realising that there is a sharp bend awaiting 100m up the road. Speed is a killer, especially as you don’t have time to reevaluate your actions before something terrible happens. For this reason, Australia implemented numerous anti-speeding campaigns especially for long-haul driving.

Sleep-deprived driving

Australia’s long-haul drivers often succumb to sleep-deprived driving. Many professions involve long-haul driving, including courier work, public transport,  sales and trucking. Given the long stretches of road between stops it’s only natural that under-pressure drivers become weary. But every driver who gets tired on the road should know when to stop. Australia implemented a campaign to remind tired drivers to at least pull up to a safe spot to rest. It’s true: a few minutes of rest could save yours and other people’s lives, so have a nap, would you?


Non-Australians love to think our most dangerous animals are crocs, sharks, snakes and spiders. They’re obsessed with the idea that if you dip your toes in the ocean a shark is going to have you for lunch! But they are unaware of a real danger stemming from our national animal: the kangaroo. Yes, tourists think they are so adorable, but we know just how troublesome these hopping maniacs can be for motorists!

They are scared of car headlights and this makes them hop around without any sense of direction. Unfortunately, this means they might just jump in front of the shining vehicle. This has been a cause of numerous accidents and, unfortunately, many kangaroo fatalities. But today, Australians know to choose their driving hours carefully, opting to long-haul drive in the daytime if possible.


Australia has always had a problem with drunk-driving. Our culture essentially celebrates binge-drinking, something which routinely leads to drink-driving. Obviously, it’s one of the stupidest things you can do when behind the wheel. If you can’t walk straight then you’re going to have a hard time navigating the roads, right? Thankfully Australia has implemented numerous campaigns against this risk and more people are aware of its outrageous dangers.

Mobile use

Mobile phone use whilst driving is always on the rise. This is probably because we’re becoming more addicted to the little wins an Instagram like or a text message provides. But it is highly dangerous to sit around on your phone whilst driving. You only need a second without paying attention to make a fatal error, and who wants to die in such a ridiculous way?

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