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Retirement in Thailand – A Complete Guide

Retirement in Thailand

If you are planning to retire in the Land of Smiles, you certainly aren’t alone, as thousands of Europeans and Americans flee the cold climate in search of a tropical paradise. You’ve no doubt had many holidays in this enchanting country and in this short article, we offer sound advice to anyone who is planning to retire in Thailand.


If you and your partner are over 50, you can apply for a retirement visa, which involves opening a Thai bank account and depositing the sum of 800,000 Thai baht or show evidence that you jointly have an income in excess of 65,000 Thai baht per month. Like most countries, Thailand has complex immigration laws and many expats use a visa agent to handle the process. If you have yet to reach the age of 50, you can enrol in a Thai language course, or study Muay Thai. Learning about Buddhism is another way to obtain a long-term visa; check the Facebook expats groups for up-to-date info on visas.


We recommend renting for the first few months until you find the perfect area for you; if you are planning to lease a plot of land and build your dream retirement pool villa, VG Company has all the materials you will need. You may or may not be aware that foreigners are not permitted to own land in Thailand; take out a 30-year lease, with the option for a further 30 years if you plan to build. Of course, you are permitted to own a condo or apartment unit, providing the total foreign ownership does not exceed 49%, the choice is yours.

Learn the Thai language

Of course, you want to be able to communicate in Thai, even at a basic level and the best way to do that is learn with a Thai language teacher on a one-on-one basis, which gives you the opportunity for free practice when you are out and about. The Thais are a very friendly race and they love to talk with foreigners. You can learn via Zoom, 3-5 hours per week is ample and as time passes, your comprehension will improve, as will your speaking. Click here to learn how to personalise a travel experience.

Health insurance

It is strongly recommended that you take out health insurance; private hospitals in Thailand are expensive; don’t be one of those expats that has to set up a Gofundme page to pay for emergency hospital treatment. Start with an online search and if you join certain Facebook groups, you will receive some sound advice regarding all aspects of living in the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.

Thai culture

Thailand is predominantly a Buddhist country, with a small portion of Muslims, mainly in the south; there are no conflicts over religion; indeed, Thailand is a most liberal country; that said, do respect the local laws and customs, when in Rome and all that!

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