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One of One Tailored Suits in Sydney; Defining Debonaire and Class in Every Style

One Tailored Suits in Sydney

All clothing was measured, cut, and sewn by hand before a tailor INVENTED a sewing machine in 1790. By 4000 BC we had various types of yarn. The fabric was woven. Strips of it were sewn together to look like one piece. It was not until the 18th century that things started to change.

The first machine clothing manufacturer opened in France in 1830 to replicate military uniforms in mass. Retail manufacturers were quick to adapt the production machines. To offer volume pricing to the masses of shoppers.

Due to mass production, tailors extended more services and developed personal patterns to retain customers. The #1 choice for anyone who could afford it was still bespoke tailoring. The 1920s was a golden era when quality-material availability met generations-old tailors, and fantastically crafted suits resulted. They would teach no one their personally developed patterns or stitches until someone purchased the business.

Fusing in the 1960s made clothes of quality, but they were firm and stiff. Material, adhesive, and bonding technologies continued to advance until the tracksuits of the ’80s and the preppy look of the ’90s were in vogue.

The skills and patterns of the master tailors have been lost to only the wealthy. People stopped living the lifestyles that supported that fashion. How often do you wear a sport coat?  Tie?

All things in our universe have a cycle/frequency/wavelength. Some 1920s factors are returning custom-made suits in Sydney to more wardrobes. Which tailors in Sydney have you visited? Have you ever had a personalised clothing tailor wrap you in the materials, styles, and colours you desire? What are you waiting for? Go to a tailor today, ask questions, and get a sizing.

Tailoring is a complex process. Understanding the movements of the human body in motion in various-sized people takes experience. Working in negative forms of inside-out construction to hide seems to involve complex mathematics performed in their head. Each job was different.

You do not need to dress like King Louis XIV to grab attention. Today custom made-to-order suits can be shipped to you using previous measurements from your sizing. 3D body scanning has revolutionized tailoring.

Technology can take human error out of the equation regarding measurements. 3D modelling can produce properly fitting patterns for an individual in seconds. You can choose from a rainbow of colours, patterns, materials, and adornments. Try on one hundred different styles in virtual reality to confirm your style choices.

From this 3D sizing, the same as when done by hand, your tailor can send your new clothes to you. You can easily add monogramming, family crests, signatures, or symbols with personal meaning and significance to any clothing you wear.

The circle back to times when even casual clothing could be tailored is complete. Technology has learned trade skills, will limit mistakes, and increase customer satisfaction.

Do not hire a tuxedo. Get digitally sized and have one made to fit you like a debonaire action hero.

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