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Nicola Giovanni Civetta: Personal Life And Family

Nicola Giovanni Civetta

Nicola Giovanni Civetta earned public recognition at a very young age. Just when he was born, thousands of people as well as entertainment news websites and channels were talking about him. This, due to his parents’ fame. He is the son of Emmy-nominated director and writer, Michele Civetta and his ex-wife, an Italian actress and filmmaker, Asia Argento.

Personal Life and Family

Nicola Giovani Civetta was born on september 15, 2008. He has a close relationship with both his parents although the parents are divorced. His parents on their separate social media pages have always expressed how much they love their son.

Today Nicola Giovanni Civette who is 14 years old seems to be more focused on his studies. However, he still gives his social media followers a glimpse into his life once in a while. From some of his instagram videos, it is evident that he loves hanging out with friends, doing the usual teenager stuff.

Nicola Giovanni Civetta has a stepsister called Ana Lou who is his mother’s first daughter. Ana Lou’s father is Italian rock and roll musician Marco Castoldi whose stage name is Morgan.

Education and Career

Information about where Nicola studies is not publicly available. Similarly, there is not any clear information about what career path he might take. However, from some of the photos on his Instagram, we can speculate that he will follow into his parents footsteps.

Nicola Giovanni Civetta Social Media Presence

Nicola has been on social media since he was a little boy. He used his Instagram account, @nico21swagboss, which has since been active. His other Instagram account is @civettanico where he posts once in a while.

His Parents Careers and Notable Life Events

Nicola Giovanni Civetta’s father, Michele Civette

The prominent producer is 46 years old as of 2022. He is an Italian director and multimedia artist. Additionally, the father of Nicola Giovani Civetta is the founder of Quintessence Films, a music video and commercial production firm established in 2006.

Michele’s prominence as a producer rose from working with some of the biggest names in both the commercial and entertainment industry. Just to mention some of the music videos and commercials he worked on; He directed advertisements for Coca-Cola, Martini & Rossi, Cingular wireless, and Badoit mineral water in addition to music videos for Lou Reed, Sparklehorse, Curtis Harding, Ladytron, and more

His popularity also rose for directing movies including Agony, The Getaway and Regular Boy.

Who is Nicola Giovanni Civetta’s Mother Asia Argento?

Nicola Giovanni’s mother is yet another popular figure attracting so much public attention toward his son. She is an Italian actress and filmmaker and daughter of legendary Italian actor, screenwriter, producer and film director, Dario Argento.

Asia Argento achieved mainstream success for her role in notable films like Land of  The Dead, Islands, XXX, Last Days Marie Antonette and more.

Since her divorce from Nicola Giovanni’s father, Asia Argento has had quite an eventful life. She has made headlines for both good and bad reasons, but as usual the media focuses more on unpleasant events. Talking about unpleasant events, Nicola Giovanni’s mother has made news for allegedly being sexually assaulted by some popular figures. Most notably, Harvey Weinstein.

She also has been accused of sexually assaulting  actor Jimmy Bennett who was by then still a minor.

Nicola Giovanni Civetta’s Net Worth

NIcola Giovani Civetta is just 14 years old and has no known income sources and certainly no verifiable net worth.

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