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Mia Susan Kovacs, Personal Life and Net Worth


Mia Susan Kovacs was a young emerging actress from America, who met with a fatal car accident and left the world at a very early age. She was following the footprints of her parents, Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams, but destiny had planned something else for her.

Interested to know more about her? Then, read this article and you will get all information about Mia Susan Kovacs such as her early life, parents, siblings, education, work, love life, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

Mia Susan Kovacs was born on 28th June 1959 in California, United States, to American celebrity couple Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams. Though  Mia Susan Kovacs lost her father at a tender age, she had a blissful childhood as well as young life before taking her last breath on 8th May 1982 in Los Angeles, California, United States. On this unfortunate day, she met with a deadly car accident and died on the spot. The interesting thing was that her car accident was exactly like that of her father. Since Mia Susan Kovacs was 22 years old at that time, she might or might not have been romantically involved with someone.

Parents and siblings

Mia Susan Kovacs was the darling daughter of American comedian couple Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams. Both of her parents were TV comedians by profession and they were really successful too. If you talk about their personal life, the love story of her parents was really surreal. The father of Mia Susan Kovacs took too much effort to impress the mother of Mia Susan Kovacs before she said yes to him. In 1954, they eloped and got married and, since then, the couple has been together till the death of Mia Susan Kovacs’s father in 1962.

Speaking of the siblings, Mia Susan Kovacs probably did not have any siblings because there is no mention of it. Yeah, she has a couple of step-siblings.


Mia Susan Kovacs was only 22 years old when she died and this is, of course, a very young age to have kids or get married. So, Mia Susan Kovacs did not have any kids.

Education and profession

Like many other celebrities, the parents of Mia Susan Kovacs were also not open about her life and this is the reason that her educational background is not known to the public. If you talk about her profession, she had just started her acting career.

Reason for the popularity of Mia Susan Kovacs

Being a celebrity daughter, Mia Susan Kovacs had been in the headlines since her childhood but the main thing that made her immensely popular is her car accident. It took away the world by storm and left everyone saddened.

Net worth of Mia Susan Kovacs

With the fact that Mia Susan Kovacs was an actress, you can figure out how much net worth she would have had. Though her exact net worth is not disclosed, we are pretty sure that she was definitely an owner of a good amount of money.


Before Mia Susan Kovacs could make something big in her career like her parents, she left the world. If she was alive today, she would have definitely been a big actress.


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