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Secret Details About Martha Katherine Dick, Tim Allen’s Mother

Martha Katherine Dick

Martha Katherine Dick is a celebrity mother who has gained the limelight because of his son’s unmatched acting skills. The award-winning actor Tim Allen appeared in several movies like Galaxy Quest and The Santa Clause, making him a celebrity.

Martha Katherine Dick was born in 1924 in Denver, Colorado, and her maiden name is Fox. Martha Dick was married to Gerald Myton Dick, and the lovebirds had six children. Tim Allen is the third oldest child of Martha Dick. Martha Katherine worked as a community service worker, and she ensured she provided the best for her nine children

Although the celebrity actor has shown up on occasion with his mother, she is secretive, and not much information is available to the public. Because she loves observing privacy, details regarding her early life and education have not been shared. Tim Allen is the only child of Martha Katherine, known to the public.

Personal Life of Martha Katherine Dick

In 1946, Martha Katherine Dick married Myton Dick in Dever, Colorado. The couple shared six children from the relationship, but unfortunately, her husband died during an accident when he was 55 years in 964.

Martha Katherine’s husband was driving home from the University of Colorado Football game when a drunk driver hit him. The accident resulted in the death of Tim Allen’s father, who was eleven years old then.

Martha Katherine was left with six children to care for, and she decided to marry her college sweetheart after two years of her husband’s death. The second husband of Martha Katherine was a business executive, and she moved to live with him in Birmingham, Michigan.

During the second marriage of Tim Allen’s mother, she had three children. Moreover, the business executive had two girls and a boy who became the stepchildren of Martha Katherine.

Martha Katherine Dick’s Son, Tim Allen

Tim Allen started his acting career in 1975 as a comedian. One of his friends dared him to participate in a comedy night at a comedy club in Detroit. After that, he started gaining recognition after emerging in local television commercials.

Tim moved to Los Angeles and became a member of The Comedy Store. The comedian started appearing in stand-up comedy on late-night shows.

Tim Allen gained fame when featured in the Home Improvement series (1991-1999). Moreover, in 1994 he was featured in another film, The Santa Clause. The film was among the best-selling in New York, and it spread the fame of Tim Allen.

The two films in 1991 and 1994 gave Tim the breakthrough he needed in his career, and he started becoming a regular actor in more films.

What is Tim Allen’s Net Worth

The hard work and brilliance of Tim Allen were evident in his career. The actor appeared in several films raising his net worth to $100 million as of 2022. His acting industry consistency has helped him grow his net worth.

The Death of Martha Katherine Dick

Martha Katherine Dick died in Denver, Colorado, United States, when she was 86. The celebrity mom died in 2010 and was buried in Denver, Colorado, United States.

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