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Magda Vasallo, Personal Life and Net Worth


For some people, marriage does not bring just love and happiness but also a bundle of popularity and Magda Vasallo is one of those people. She is popular for being the ex-wife of Puerto Rican actor, Raul Julia. Though her marriage with the actor did not last long, she became popular because of that.

Here, we are going to tell you all about Magda Vasallo including early life, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, and all other details about Magda Vasallo.

Personal life

With the fact that the marriage of Magda Vasallo with an actor was the main reason for her popularity, there is no information available about her early life. From the names of her parents to her birthplace, nothing is really known to the public. The only known thing about her is her married life. In 1965, she married Puerto Rican actor, Raul Julia. Their marriage went strong for a couple of years but then something went wrong and they decided to part ways in 1969 just 4 years after their marriage. After that, whether Magda Vasallo married for the second time is not known.

Parents and siblings

This is an untold and undisclosed topic about Magda Vasallo. She has never talked about her parents as well as siblings and this is the reason that we have no information about that.


The married life of Magda Vasallo was not so blissful. As far as we know, Magda Vasallo doesn’t have any kids.

Education and profession

It’s not only the early life of Magda Vasallo that is a mystery to the public but her educational background as well as profession are also not known to the public. Neither Magda Vasallo nor her ex-husband has ever bothered to talk about the education of Magda Vasallo. The same goes for the profession of Magda Vasallo. However, we do believe that Magda Vasallo must be active in some prestigious profession. Else, she wouldn’t have gotten married to such a popular actor so easily.

Reason for the popularity of Magda Vasallo

We have already told you that the main reason that makes Magda Vasallo popular despite the fact that she has not done anything significant in her career is her ex-husband, who is a household name in Mexican cinema. During those days, she was in the spotlight of the media.

Net worth of Magda Vasallo

Since Magda Vasallo has not opened her lips about her profession and earnings, her net worth can’t be estimated. However, we do believe that Magda Vasallo must be earning a handsome amount of money because she has been living all alone after her divorce with her husband. If you talk about the net worth of her husband, he had a good net worth of around 1.5 million at the time of his death.


Magda Vasallo has gone through a lot in her life but she has managed everything really well. She came out of the storm stronger and more confident. She is truly a strong lady who knows how to make balance in life.


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