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Lynsi Hughes’s Bio, Net Worth, Family, and Husband


Lynsi Hughes is the celebrity wife of the famous radio personality, Gregg Opie Hughes. Lynsi came into the limelight in 2007, when he was engaged to the famous radio personality, and many netizens have continued to search for more information about her whereabouts.

Opie was a radio presenter for many years, and from 1995 to 2014, he co-hosted Opie and Anthony’s radio show with Anthony and Jim Norton. Besides Lynsi Smigo Hughes, being the celebrity’s wife, most of her information, including her date of birth, has not been revealed to the public.

Lynsi Hughes’s Children

Many people have confused the hot look of Lynsi Hughes with not having children, but she is a proud mother of two. Unfortunately, the celebrity wife has not revealed much information about her children, but they live in New York, where their mother ensures they are okay.

Lynsi Hughes’s Personal Life

Lynsi Hughes met wither current husband in 2004 when Hughes was promoting the return of Opie and Anthony on XM. The Philadelphia event made the two lovebirds meet, and in 2007, the celebrity radio presenter Opie announced they were engaged.

On November 22, 2008, Hughes and Lynsi exchanged vows and started their married life. There have been no rumors regarding the couple’s divorce, and we hope the two live happily forever.

Lynsi Hughes’s Husband

Greg Hughes, popular as Opie, is the husband of Lynsi. The American radio personality became popular for co-hosting Opie and Anthony for many years. The show was aired between 1995 to 2014, and during that time, many people got used to him.

From 2014 to 2016, Hughes and his partner Norton stayed at SiriusXM as co-hosts, but they were airing the Opie with Jim Norton show this time. In 2016, Opie was successful and started hosting his show, the Opie Radio Show.

The show lasted for a while until the radio personality got fired. Opie was fired on July 2017 for filming an employee as he used the toilet.

Greg Hughes never gave up on his career, and in 2018, he partnered with Westwood One network to broadcast his new podcast, The Opie Radio Podcast. Although his relationship with the Westwood network ended on June 2019, the podcast continued.

How Did Gregg Hughes Choose the Name, Opie?

The name Opie is a childhood nickname that Gregg Hughes received from his friends because of his close resemblance with Opie Taylor. Opie Taylor was a fictional character from The Nady Griffin Show, and he grew up liking the name and eventually used it for his radio shows.

Hughes attended Harborfields High School in Greenlawn, New York, and according to the school, his interests were basketball, skiing, and films. Hughes went to the University of New York at Geneseo and graduated with a communications degree.

After graduating, he was interested in working as a radio host, which he chose to pursue. While Hughes was in school, he used to work at the university radio station.

Controversies Regarding Lynsi Hughes

In 2008 Lynsi Hughes sued Steppin Out Magazine columnist Hayden for $10 million. Lynsi and her husband claimed the columnist had a sex tape of her and Bam Margera. However, later the case was dropped, and both parties agreed that there was no sex tape.

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