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Key Strategies for Protecting Your Car Repair Business

Car Repair Business

The automotive industry is one of the most important in the UK, being a foundational industry that has facilitated an incredible degree of import and export for the nation. It is also an ecosystem, feeding thousands of independent automotive repair services and car repair shops.

As a car repair business, there are many potential shocks that could destabilise longevity – but none are more immediate than the risk of theft. What are some immediate and actionable steps you can take to improve the security of your business?

Surveillance and Alarm Systems

Naturally, one of the first things you’ll think to invest in here is surveillance cameras. Just the presence of a CCTV system can be enough to deter break-in attempts. Coupled with a motion-activated alarm system, burglars can be spooked from attempting entry. With regard to any camera systems, they do not necessarily need to work in order to be a valuable deterrent.


Alarm systems are not the only effective deterrent you can employ to disincentivise breaking and entering. Light systems are also highly useful in this regard, from a number of standpoints. Motion-activated high-power perimeter lights will automatically illuminate any areas where there is movement; the shock, combined with the sudden exposure of a potential trespasser, will cause most opportunists to bolt.

More generally speaking, improving visibility around your garage will make it harder for people to approach unseen – and make recognising trespassers much easier.

Securing Tools, Equipment and Vehicles

Deterring entry should be your first port of call when it comes to protecting your equipment and investments, and tangible security measures are a key part of the equation. Properly bolting your shutters when closed can make it harder for burglars to enter without power tools and drawing unnecessary attention to themselves; inside, tools should always be locked away in cabinets or cages to provide further resistance.

Not all modes of security are tangible, mind. If a thief has a pre-meditated plan to avail of your tools and equipment, they are much more likely to succeed even in spite of your countermeasures. This makes it important that you secure the value of yours and your customers’ things as much as the things themselves. Premises insurance is a vitally important part of your wider strategy, then, as a contingency for any successful thefts or ensuing criminal damage.

Training Staff

An often-overlooked aspect of improving security is training. As a car repair shop, you will likely have a small team of skilled engineers under you, working shifts. Any one of these staff members could be targeted in the process of an attempted theft, or cased for information regarding entry to the site. Ensuring all staff members are on the same page regarding locking-up procedures, reconciling cash and reporting unusual incidences will dramatically improve the safety and security of the business.

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