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What We Know About Judith Lorraine Lynch So Far


Judith Lorraine Lynch is the ex-wife of Gary Ridgway. It’s not always necessary that people will get to know a person because of his good deeds. However, some are also there who are known to the realm after gaining prominence as a criminal. Gary Ridgway is not an exception. With his help, people who are related to him are also catching the eyes of the audience.

As the title of the article suggests it will convey all possible information about Judith Lorraine Lynch. Along with her, a brief segment will also be added about her ex-husband just to reinforce her personality.

Early Life And Family

Judith Lorraine Lynch is best known as the former third wife of Gary Ridgway. She was born in 1944. ​She met Gary in the 1980s and they started dating each other in 1986. The couple tied the knot on 12th July 1988 in a private ceremony.  However, the couple ended their courtship in 2002.

Together, both of them don’t have any kids.  However, Judith has two daughters named Marie Lynch and Rachel Lynch from her prior marriage. Along with this, she is also the stepmother of Gary’s son named Matthew Ridgway.

Excluding this nothing else can be known about Judith Lorraine Lynch. How did she spend her childhood days? Did she have a sibling or not? Who was there in her family? No such evidence can be found to answer all of these questions.

Judith Lorraine’s Ex-Husband And His Net Worth

Gary Leon Ridgway AKA Gary Ridgway is an American serial killer. Because of his criminal deeds, he is recognized as Green River Killer. He was born on 18th February 1949 in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S. His parents were Mary and Thomas Ridgway. However, he spent his childhood with his two siblings.

In the early days of Gary’s life, he served as a prominent personality in the United States Navy. However, during that time he was sexually active with several sex workers. According to sources, his insatiable appetite for having sex made him a criminal.

From the 1980s to the 1990s he killed almost 71 teenagers or women. The women whom Gary had murdered were either runaways or sex workers. However, after having physical relations with those women he used to kill them in the end.

During his trials, Gary Ridgway confessed that he used to kill all of his victims after sexual intercourse. After committing every crime used to escape from the place with almost no evidence. But he fell into the trap of the DNA profiling evidence. The law authorities linked up four murders with him after the DNA profiling evidence. After Gary’s confessions, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

According to sources, Gary Ridgway has a net worth of 1.6 million dollars.

What Did Judith Lorraine Lynch Express About Her Ex-husband?

During an interview, Judith Lorraine stated that when she met Gary he was a sweet gentleman. After dating for a quite minimum period both of them decided to walk down the aisle. However, she can’t even think that she fell for such a criminal minded person.

Judith Lorraine’s Net Worth

Judith Lorraine Lynch has an estimated net worth of 150k dollars or maybe more than this.


Hopefully, from the above-mentioned sections, the audience can receive a clear vision of who Judith Lorraine Lynch is. Along with him, a brief segment also clarifies her psychopath serial killer husband whom she used to think of as a perfect gentleman. However, to know more about such personalities keep following this website.

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