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Jeniva Barrett Samuel: Asante Samuel’s Wife

Jeniva Barrett Samuels

Jeniva Barrett Samuel is recognized as the wife of former professional football player Asante Samuel. Other than being Samuels wife, Jeniva Barrett Samuel is a well-known Reality TV and media personality. She has appeared in the Reality Tv shows, Baller Wives and Basketball Wives.

Personal Life

Jeniva Barrett Samuel was born in January, 1984. The information about her parents are not clear but from her Instagram account her mother is known as Suggie who is also on instagram as @suggienow. She also has a sister and brother as can be seen on some of the old photos she shared.

She married Asante Samuel in 2012. Although it is not clear when they started dating, it seems they had been in a long relationship before getting married. She shared a photo on her Instagram that she had taken together with Asante Samuel and a few friends back in 2007 during her graduation.

Jeniva is a mother and a stepmother and has a very close relationship with both her biological kids and step kids.

Jeniva enjoys travelling the world and shares every bit of her experiences with her online fans. In the last few years, she has visited some of the most amazing destinations in Europe, Americas. Asia and Africa.

Social Media Presence

Jeniva Barrett Samuel is active on social media, mostly on instagram where she shares her life with her fans. Her handle is @jenivathediva.

Education and Career

Jenive Barrett’s educational background is not clear. However, it is known that she graduated college in 2007.

Regarding her career, she is well known for her appearance in the Baller Wives, An American reality television program debuted on VH1 on August 14, 2017. It follows the lives of a number of women who are the wives, girlfriends, or have been romantically involved with, professional football players in the National Football League. Additionally, Jeniva Barret Samuel has appeared in another reality TV show, Basketball Wives.

Jeniva Barret Samuels Children

As we mentioned earlier, Janeva is a mother and a stepmother. She has three daughters with her husband Asante Sameul and three step kids from Asante Samuel’s other relationships.

Her first born daughter is Aleesa Samuel, born in November 2007. Alessa Samuel, who is 14 years old as of 2022, is a track and field athlete. She works so hard to become one of the best and has always shared her progress on her Instagram, @aleesasamuel.

Her second daughter Aleena Samuel was born inJ June, 2011 and her last daughter, Princess Aleeya in September, 2018.

Her step children are Asante Samuel Jr, who follows in his fathers footsteps as an American football player. He is the first son of Asante Samuel born in 1999.

Ashante Samuel and Amaiya Samuel are her step daughters. Both are on Instagram with handles; @ashantesamuel and @amaiyasamuel.

Jeniva Barrett Samuel’s Net Worth

Very little is known about her finances but according to some sources, Jeniva Barrett Samuel has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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