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Jair Bobbitt Profession, Career, Net Worth, & More

Jair Bobbitt

Celebrity kids are well aware of how to use their parents’ stardom to build up their careers. However, the audience is the main culprit to do so as they are very interested to know about these kids, and hence they gain popularity. But Jair Bobbitt doesn’t fall under this category. Despite having a notable family background he never used it to set up his career.

As the title of the article states it will provide all possible information about who Jair Bobbitt is. Along with him, a few sections will also be added about his parents because of whom he is known to the world.

Early Life And Family

Jair Bobbitt is the son of Yetunde Price. He had enjoyed his childhood moments with his two siblings.

Excluding this nothing, much can be known about Jair Bobbitt. However, neither his mother nor he ever expressed anything about how his childhood days were.


Jair Bobbitt is known to the world after being a part of Game On!, Love, Victor as well as Post Malone’s Celebrity World Pong League in 2020.

How Is Jair’s Mother Known To Everyone? How Did She Lose Her Life?

Yetunde Hawanya Tara Price AKA Yetunde Price was the half-sister of two notable tennis players named Venus and Serena Williams. She also used to manage all the schedules and meetings of her sisters.

Yetunde was born on 9th August 1972 in Saginaw, Michigan, U.S. Along with being the personal manager of her sisters she also used to work as a nurse to fulfil her dreams on her terms. However, Yetunde Price was a self-dependent woman who liked to pay her bills without anyone’s help. After a lot of hard work, she tried to establish herself to raise her three children. However, at the time of her death, she used to own a hair salon.

On 14th September 2003 in the streets of Compton, California, U.S. she was shot dead while she was chatting with her boyfriend. However, after arriving at the hospital the doctor claimed that she was dead.

Nonetheless, at the time of the trials, both the prosecutor and the defense concluded that Yetunde Price was nothing but an innocent victim of the murderers. The murderers were sentenced to imprisonment for a long time.

At the time of her death Yetunde Price had a net worth of around 800K-950K dollars.

How Venus And Serena Williams Are Associated With Jair Bobbitt?

Jair Bobbitt is the nephew of Venus And Serena Williams. People around the globe know both sisters because of their incredible contributions to the women’s tennis world. According to the Women’s Tennis Association, both of them have been categorized at the top in single and double matches.

However, Venus And Serena Williams have also gone to the Beijing Olympics and the London Olympics and have acquired gold medals in their respective genres. At a very young age, both of them participated in the Golden Slam.

Serena Williams has a net worth of 165 million dollars. Whereas, Venus Williams has a net worth of 95 million dollars.

Jair Bobbitt’s Net Worth

Till now no such information is there which may convey anything about how much did Jair Bobbitt earn per annum. However, as nothing can be gathered so it’s better not to utter anything inappropriate without any prominent evidence.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned segments of the article are enough to gain a precise idea about who Jair Bobbitt is. Along with this one of the segments also elaborate on how he is related to the famous tennis players William Sisters.

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