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Who is Israel Arroyo Jr?

israel arroyo jr

Born in 1975, Israel Arroyo Jr is the late father to Christian Aroyo, a famous baseball player from America. Israel was thirty-four years old and was injured fatally by an unknown cause that caused his death. The Puerto Rican United States Marine Corps Combat veteran was married to Kimberly Drummond, although they separated when Christian was two years old.

The Childhood of Christian Arroyo

Christian’s childhood was never easy because he was separated from his parents when he was two. Christian’s mother was a single mother for ten years, and those years were never easy for the family.

Christian’s mother had to work many hours a shift to pay all her bills now that she was a single mother. The family moved a lot from shared rentals to apartments and mobile homes, and sometimes, she would find herself early at the daycare, waiting for the doors to open so that she would rush to work.

The care routine for Christian became complicated when he started attending school. Kimberly was forced to carry the baby out of bed and take him to a friend’s house who helped take him to school.

When it was time to go home, Kim would use a network of friends who would take care of her son until she got out of work.

Christian Aroyo’s Baseball Career

Christian Arroyo got interested in baseball when he was four years old. Christian’s mother found him a coach, and he would read books and pay attention to what coaches were saying. When his coach was training him for his second year, the coach foretold, reading about Christian in magazines. The coach had seen the potential that Christian had for baseball.

Christian started playing baseball with his mother, who was like his father. When Christian foretold about his childhood, he expressed how he saw his family. His mother was his companion, and he noticed the arrangement at his home differed from those of his friends with a father.

Christian’s early baseball career made him more attached to his mother. He noted that his mother struggled a lot and sometimes broke and cried. Christian was still young and would comfort his mother, telling her he would give her all his savings.

Kimberly had a big family, which helped her raise her son. Her family would cover some of his training and equipment costs, but her mother worked several hours to ensure he had everything.

Christian Arroyo was also bright in school and declined a scholarship to Florida, where he would have studied architectural engineering. Instead, Christian signed with the Giants and started playing basketball professionally in 2013.

Christian’s mother was the happiest with the news, and she is glad her son made it after all the struggle she had to undergo bringing him up.

Was Israel Arroyo Jr Close to His Son Christian Arroyo?

Christian indicated that he still loved his father, although he did not have a close bond with him like his mother. His father had another family and was living in Ohio, but he would go and watch his son play when the Giants were in Cincinnati.

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