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The Life and Family of Isla Atkinson

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Isla Atkinson’s Early Life

Isla Atkinson was born in 2017, making her currently 4 years old. She is the daughter of renowned actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson and actress Louise Ford. Being born into a family with a strong presence in the entertainment industry, Isla is sure to have an interesting upbringing, surrounded by talented and creative individuals.


Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson, born on January 6, 1955, in Consett, United Kingdom, is an iconic actor and comedian who has entertained millions of people around the world for decades. With his distinct comedic style and unforgettable characters, Atkinson has made a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. In addition to his impressive professional accomplishments, he is also the father of Isla Atkinson, his youngest child.

Atkinson’s journey to stardom began with his studies in electrical engineering at Newcastle University and later at The Queen’s College, University of Oxford. While at Oxford, he discovered his passion for acting and comedy, often performing in various university productions. It was during this time that he met screenwriter Richard Curtis, who would later collaborate with him on several successful projects.

Atkinson’s big break came in the early 1980s with the sketch comedy series “Not the Nine O’Clock News.” The show was a hit, and Atkinson quickly gained recognition for his unique brand of humor. However, it was his work on the British sitcom “Blackadder” that truly launched his career. Co-created with Richard Curtis, “Blackadder” showcased Atkinson’s range as an actor and his ability to create memorable characters. The show ran for four series, each set in a different historical period, and remains a beloved classic today.

Arguably Atkinson’s most famous creation is the character Mr. Bean. The largely silent character is known for his clumsy antics and distinctive facial expressions. First appearing in a television series in 1990, Mr. Bean became an instant sensation, leading to several successful feature films and an animated series. The character has become a cultural icon and solidified Atkinson’s status as a comedic genius.

Beyond his comedy work, Atkinson has also appeared in a variety of film and television roles, demonstrating his versatility as an actor. Notable projects include “The Lion King,” where he voiced the character Zazu, the “Johnny English” film series, and the television adaptation of “Maigret.”

Atkinson’s personal life has also garnered attention, particularly his relationships and family. He was married to Sunetra Sastry from 1990 to 2015, and together they have two children, Lily Sastry and Benjamin Atkinson. Since 2014, Atkinson has been in a relationship with actress Louise Ford, with whom he shares his youngest child, Isla Atkinson.

As the daughter of Rowan Atkinson, Isla has grown up in a family with strong ties to the entertainment industry. This exposure to the world of acting and comedy may influence her future path, whether she chooses to follow in her father’s footsteps or pursue her own unique interests. As she grows older, the world will be watching with great anticipation to see what Isla Atkinson’s future holds.

Louise Ford

Louise Ford, born in 1981, is a talented actress who has appeared in various television series and films. With a height of 5’7″, she brings an elegant presence to the screen. She has been in a relationship with Rowan Atkinson since 2014, and the couple shares a daughter, Isla Atkinson.


Isla has two older half-siblings from her father’s previous marriage to Sunetra Sastry. Lily Sastry, an actress and singer, and Benjamin Atkinson, who has kept a relatively low public profile.


Ella May Bainbridge

Ella May Bainbridge, born in 1914, was the mother of Rowan Atkinson and his siblings. She had four children, including Rowan, Rodney, Rupert, and Paul Atkinson. She was married to Eric Atkinson in 1945 and passed away on May 16, 1998.

Eric Atkinson

Eric Atkinson was born on November 6, 1927, and was a Barbadian national. He was married to Ella May Bainbridge, and together they had four children. Eric passed away on May 29, 1998, in the West Indies.


Isla has several uncles, including Rodney Atkinson, Paul Atkinson, and Rupert Atkinson. Rodney Atkinson, born in 1948, is a member of the UK Independence Party and has maintained a career in politics. Paul Atkinson, born in 1999, is a basketball player for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish men’s basketball team. Rupert Atkinson, born in 1881 in Australia, was an educator who passed away in 1961.

Isla Atkinson’s Net Worth

As a young child, Isla Atkinson does not have a personal net worth. However, her father, Rowan Atkinson, has an estimated net worth of around $150 million, owing to his successful career in acting and comedy.

More About Isla Atkinson

At just 4 years old, Isla Atkinson’s life is still unfolding, and her future endeavors remain to be seen. Growing up in a family of talented actors and performers, it will be interesting to see if Isla follows in her parents’ footsteps or carves her own unique path in life.

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